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Subtle semi-gloss finish. Ideal for trims, doors, cabinets, and other high-use areas. $49/gallon.

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  • A dry daub of Snow Day paint on a white background.

    Snow Day

  • A dry daub of Fresh Kicks paint on on white background.

    Fresh Kicks

  • Clare | Paint Swatches | Whipped | Trim Paint


  • Clare | Paint Swatches | Timeless


  • Clare | Paint Swatches | Shade | Trim Paint


  • Clare | Paint Swatches | Seize The Gray

    Seize The Gray

  • Clare | Trim Paint Swatches | Grayish


  • Clare | Paint Swatches | Irony


  • Clare | Paint Swatches | Views


  • Clare | Paint Swatches | Make Waves

    Make Waves

  • Clare | Trim Paint Swatches | Deep Dive

    Deep Dive

  • Clare | Paint Swatches | Blackest


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The Ultimate Finish for Trim

Our “Subtle Semi-Gloss” Trim Paint delivers a smooth, radiant sheen with exceptional durability, so it’s perfect for trim, doors, windows, and other high-touch surfaces. The 100% acrylic formula stands up to the toughest wear and tear including stains, smudges, and fingerprints, while resisting dirt, grime, and mildew.

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