From warm whites to moody blues, these are the 2020 paint colors that will be everywhere. Upgrade your space with these popular interior Paint Colors for 2020!

5 Interior Paint Colors for 2020 That Will Be Everywhere

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Paint fads come and go, but truly savvy color palettes always persevere. So, what to do when you want to pick out a timeless, yet trendy, paint color for your place?

Instead of dictating a 2020 paint color of the year that no one really wants to buy (like every other paint company does), we looked to our data—think website page views, customer reviews, and social media engagement—to identify the most popular 2020 paint colors, and found some interesting patterns. From warm whites to moody blues and beyond, these are the Clare interior paint colors for 2020 that we believe will be huge – and why you should try one for your next paint project at home.

From warm whites to moody blues, these are the 2020 paint colors that will be everywhere. Upgrade your space with these popular interior paint colors for 2020!

1. White paint will always be #1

Nothing brightens up a room faster than a fresh coat of crisp white paint. No surprise then that our four shades of white paint are by far our most popular colors. For instance, our top seller of all-time is Whipped, a soft warm white that’s every bit as versatile as it is enduring. While our other bestsellers, Fresh Kicks, a clean, bright white; Snow Day, a cool, serene white; and Timeless, a smooth shade of off-white, are all classic shades of white that complement any size or style of room without overpowering the space.

Whipped - a warm white paint color by Clare


Dreamy and whisked-to-perfection, this is the warmest of our whites with a soft, delicate feel. Our best white for north-facing rooms but versatile enough to work in any space.

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Fresh Kicks - a bright white paint color by Clare

Fresh Kicks

Think of your favorite white pair, straight out the box. That’s the feeling of this one. Fresh and modern, this is our cleanest, brightest white, with no undertones. *Fresh Kicks is a pure, untinted white and may require 2+ coats for optimal coverage.

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2. Greige is all the rage

Move over gray: Greige — a blend of creamy beige and pale gray—is the neutral that no one can seem to get enough of! While our truest gray, Seize the Gray, is still a best-seller, more and more customers are gravitating toward clean, airy shades of light greige, such as Penthouse and Classic, for a switch up. (Penthouse is our top-selling neutral!) Not only can it work well with a mix of décor styles and accent colors, a greige paint palette creates a warm and inviting ambience inside even the loftiest of living spaces.

Penthouse - a light gray - greige paint color by Clare


Airy and refined, this ultra pale greige is the perfect mix of warm and cool. An understated shade that’ll bring a sophisticated vibe to any space.

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Classic - a beige - greige paint color by Clare


Some things never go out of style and this versatile neutral is one of them. The light shade of greige brings a clean, modern feel to any space.

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3. Millennial pink is still having a moment

If you thought the millennial pink paint trend would be over in the new decade, then it’s time to think again. Wing It, our soft, peach pink hue, remains one of our top ten best-selling paint colors and among our most engaged and shared colors on Instagram and Pinterest—for good reason. Along with bringing a subtle pop of color to a space, this pale peachy pink is still neutral enough to complement any design aesthetic and upgrade any room of your home, including your kitchen.

Wing It - a light pink paint color by Clare

Wing It

A pale, sophisticated, barely there pink, inspired by our favorite all-ladies social club that made pink our new favorite neutral.

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4. Breezy shades of blue reign supreme

You can always count on an airy shade of pale blue to create a calming atmosphere inside a space. So it’s not surprising that Headspace, a soft blue-green hue, is the fourth most-viewed color on our website and among our top-five bestsellers. Consider this dreamy shade of pale blue-green to play up a living room with neutral furnishings and a mix of patterns, or employ it in a bedroom, office or any other space you’re hoping to score a serene, ethereal vibe.

Headspace - a light blue-green paint color by Clare


A universal favorite, this soft and airy blue-green hue brings a sense of calm to any space.

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5. Dark and moody hues for the win

Never underestimate the impact of a deep, bold paint color in a room. Although most people tend to look at neutrals while perusing paint colors online, our research shows that dark shades are having a moment, too. Current Mood, for example, is a moody shade of green that also happens to be one of our bestsellers. And Goodnight Moon, a strong midnight blue hue, is another deep, rich color that we’re seeing rising in social media popularity. If the idea of a dark paint color seems intimidating, try using a deeper shade of blue or green paint to bring a dash of drama to a small space, such as a powder room or guest bedroom.

Current Mood - a dark green paint color by Clare

Current Mood

For those who aren’t afraid to bring the drama. A mysterious, moody green that’s intense and alluring all at once.

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Goodnight Moon - a dark navy blue paint color by Clare

Goodnight Moon

This strong midnight blue hue is dark and alluring — like an infinite, moonlit sky.

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Deep Dive - a dark blue paint color by Clare

Deep Dive

Plunge 100 feet down into the deep blue sea. This bold, sophisticated blue hue features a hint of green undertones.

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