A dining room featuring the perfect greige paint color on the walls. It's appropriately named Greige by Clare and is the perfect mix of gray and beige!

These Are The Perfect Greige Paint Colors

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Sure we all know about white, beige, and brown as our go-to neutrals, but why not give greige a try too. But what color is greige? Greige is a warm combination of gray and beige with some serious staying power. It started gaining popularity several years ago and thanks to its versatility, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. In fact, it might explain beige’s recent resurgence. Read on for some important things to keep in mind before you get rolling, plus, a roundup of our most perfect greige paint colors.

Greige - a medium gray - beige - greige paint color by Clare


The perfect mix of gray and beige combined to create this extremely versatile neutral with a warm, cozy medium hue that looks great in any room.
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Greige is an all-purpose color

While you can embrace a totally neutral look and layer this shade with other whites, blacks, beiges, and grays, it works just as well with bold pops of color. So you can easily use the perfect greige paint colors to create a serene master bedroom suite or a whimsical nursery. The key to keeping a room full of neutrals feeling interesting? Texture. Make sure that you layer plenty of interesting textures; from smooth canvas to nubby throw blankets to fringed accent pillows. Since the colors are consistent it won’t look crazy!

On Point by Clare in a stylish room vignette. This perfect greige paint is extremely versatile and works great in any space!
On Point - a light beige - greige paint color by Clare
On Point

bright, airy, and sophisticated

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Greige paint colors give you options

Thanks to its popularity there are plenty versions of greige paint, it’s not just a one size fits all color. Like you would with any other paint shade, make sure you take the time to order test swatches so you can see how the color works with your existing furniture pieces as well as the light in your home. Pay close attention to its undertones and the color temperature to choose a version that will complement your home best. If you’re not sold on a warm neutral, simply adjust the ratio of gray to beige. So a greige with more gray will look more like a cool, standard take on the shade.

The Perfect Greige Paint Colors in a dining room. This shade of greige paint is called Classic by Clare.
Classic - a beige - greige paint color by Clare

airy, minimal, and sophisticated

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Greige colors are timeless

Since it’s not just beige and not just gray which can wax and wane in popularity, greige can stand the test of time. This means that if you truly love the color before you paint, it might be a considerable amount of time before you feel the need to try out a new hue. The two colors create a nuanced neutral that really does feel classic without skewing too specific. Who wouldn’t want more longevity with their paint color?!

You know we love a color when we’ve formulated this many versions of it. Endlessly versatile, you’ll never run out places where this warm combination of gray and beige would work. Just pay attention to the natural light in the room where you’d like to see greige walls—it will help you choose between a warm or cool shade. With plenty of options for the perfect greige paint, we’ve got your walls covered.

Penthouse - The Perfect Greige paint colors
Penthouse - a light gray - greige paint color by Clare

minimal, calm, and sophisticated

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The perfect greige colors for your home

Greige: Consider this shade the OG of greige paint. The mix of gray and beige creates this extremely versatile neutral with a warm medium tone that looks great in any room. So whether you use it in the living or dining area, you can be sure it will work with your existing color scheme and provide the perfect greige backdrop for colorful artwork. It's seriously the best greige paint color!

Flatiron: Brighter during the day, this hue gets deeper as the sun goes down. Inspired by the architecture in the NYC neighborhood Clare HQ calls home, this warm mix of gray and beige plays beautifully with natural light. Consider it your must-have if you’re looking for a greige interior paint color for a room with plenty of windows.

Classic - The Perfect Greige paint Colors
Classic - a beige - greige paint color by Clare

airy, minimal, and sophisticated

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Classic: Some things never go out of style and this chic beige is one of them. The lightest in this color family, it brings a clean, modern feel to any space without feeling chilly. Ideal for an office or mudroom, it makes any space feel tidier and more organized. It’s pale enough to work in rooms with low light as well, so it can be used to lend its brightness.

On Point: This ultra light greige paint color looks brighter with the help of clean, natural light, and appears more medium hued in darker spaces. Pair it with mossy greens and blush pinks for more feminine flair; while navy, hunter green, and whites impart a masculine charm. In a master bedroom, balance the two with a mix!

Penthouse: An understated color that’ll bring a sophisticated vibe to any space, this ultra pale greige paint color is the perfect mix of warm and cool and looks great with just about any color or decor style. One of our best-selling colors, this soft neutral is our fan favorite pick for the most perfect greige ever!

Windy City The Perfect Greige paint Colors
Windy City - a medium gray - greige color by Clare
Windy City

airy, cool, and sophisticated

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Windy City: Beautiful and breezy — just like its namesake! A light to medium gray with a faint hint of warmth makes any living room feel more welcoming. The perfect combination of grey and beige keeps this warm greige color from ever feeling passé. To change it up, you can swap in new, colorful accessory pieces.

Shade The Perfect Greige paint Colors
Shade - a dark gray - greige color family paint color by Clare

cool, whimsical, and sophisticated

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Shade: The darkest greige in the rotation, but thanks to its subtle, warm undertones, this color feels cozy and warm. Ideal for a well-lit bedroom or office space, layer different neutral colors in your textiles and furniture for a sophisticated final product. If you’re gonna throw shade, you might as well make it this one.

Find your perfect greige paint color!


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