Add Cozy Sophistication to Your Home with these Trending Brown Paint Colors

Coffee Date and Dirty Chai are so hot right now.

Add Cozy Sophistication to Your Home with these Trending Brown Paint Colors
From interiors to fashion, it’s a fact: Brown is one of THE hottest colors right now. It seems like you can’t open Instagram without seeing spaces enveloped in the shade, whether in deep chocolate or light beige.

So, it’s no surprise that our brown paint colors have seen a huge spike in popularity recently. If you’re interested in the data, here’s what that looks like: Sales of brown paint overall have increased by 452%, while standouts include our rich and dark Coffee Date, which grew by 110%, and our more nutty medium-brown, Dirty Chai, which grew by 83%. These are HUGE numbers, and a sign that the trend is not just on fire but here to stay.

You might be wondering: How did brown rise to become the new “it” color? For years, creams and beiges have dominated as the go-to neutrals, making it only natural for brown to emerge as a refreshing alternative.

We’re loving this trend—and know you will too! There are so many reasons to incorporate a little (or a lot of) brown in your home. It reads perfectly cozy yet extremely sophisticated. It has a slightly retro, vintage-inspired vibe while still feeling totally timeless. And it’s the ultimate in versatility, pairing well with colors and palettes all across the spectrum. Long story short: There’s nothing NOT to love about brown!

If you’re all in on brown and want to find fresh ways to incorporate it into your home, keep reading. We’re diving into trending brown paint colors and sharing all the inspiration you need to kick off your next paint project.

The Perfect Dark Brown Paint Color: Coffee Date

Bold and roasted to perfection, Coffee Date is one of our top-selling brown colors. It’s not hard to see why: With its rich and dark look, it’s perfect for making a moody statement just about anywhere. Give it a try in spaces where you want to up the drama and create an air of cozy sophistication. We love the idea of painting it on the walls of your bedroom or office to create a comforting, den-like vibe.




Coffee Date is also a great color choice when you want to mimic the look of luxurious hardwood details on a budget. Paint it on the ceiling for a look that feels like beautiful reclaimed wood beams, try it on bookshelves or furniture to create pieces that feel like fancy wood built-ins, or try it on paneled walls to get the look of wood paneling for a fraction of the cost.




Because of its organic hue, Coffee Date is a natural color to pair with other earthy tones—think blues, greens, tans and creams. We also love the idea of pairing it with soft pastels to really make the brown pop.

The Perfect Medium Brown Paint Color: Dirty Chai

If you’re looking for something slightly more subdued, Dirty Chai is it. It has a medium-brown hue with just a touch of dusty gray, making it perfectly balanced and complementary to warm and cool color palettes alike.




Dirty Chai is a real versatility player and can truly work in any room you wish. Try it out in utilitarian spaces like the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room to bring in a sense of comfort and warmth amid all the appliances and fixtures. And just like Coffee Date, it’s a great pick for painting on wall paneling, built-ins, ceiling beams and other architectural elements to fake the look of beautifully finished wood.




This hue will work with nearly any color palette you have in mind, but you’ll especially love how chic it feels layered in with a mix of other neutrals like cream and tan. We also recommend pairing it with jewel tones—think forest green, teal, burgundy, amber—for an unforgettably rich vibe.

We have to know: Are you trying one of our brown paint colors in your upcoming project? Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram @clarepaint. We can’t wait to see the beautiful finished result!


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