Helpful tips for picking the perfect kitchen cabinet paint color - cabinets painted with Headspace by Clare.

Upgrade your kitchen with these cabinet color ideas

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Calling it a kitchen makeover technically wouldn’t be correct, because Robyn from The Simple Sweet Life built this beauty from the ground up. The busy mom decided to turn her unfinished basement into a full guest space for her sister and brother-in-law, and it was a win-win, she got to have family close by and they got new digs. But Robyn had her work cut out for her, transforming a basement that got very little natural light into a space that feels beautiful and modern.

Naturally one of the most important elements in the room, were the kitchen cabinets. “We wanted to put in a full kitchen, but it's underground and doesn't have a lot of natural light. So we really wanted to use a bright kitchen cabinet color that would pair nicely with the subway tile and the gold hardware,” explains Robyn. “We found Headspace, a beautiful blue-green that’s a best seller for its airness and versatility, it just spoke to me. Plus, it’s not so bright that it’s overwhelming.”

Helpful tips for picking the perfect kitchen cabinet paint color - cabinets painted with Headspace by Clare.
Headspace - a light blue-green paint color by Clare

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After choosing her favorite kitchen cabinet color ideas, she ordered a few paint swatches to make sure that the light blue kitchen cabinet color looked good in the space and matched with the other accessories. “I loved that the stick-on swatches were large enough that they really gave us a good idea of what the color would look like,” says Robyn. “We also really appreciated Clare’s no VOC formula, since we were working in a basement there wasn’t much ventilation, so we really felt good about using this formula, especially since we have little kids!” No surprise but Robyn’s sister and brother-in-law loved the kitchen cabinet color and the rest of the converted basement space. Nothing says love like a full-scale renovation!

Helpful tips for picking the perfect kitchen cabinet paint color - cabinets painted with Headspace by Clare.

Tips for choosing the best kitchen cabinet colors:

Don’t just limit yourself to white! While white paint can create a clean feeling in a kitchen, there are plenty of opportunities to add more colors than just white. Plus, you have to think about how hard it can be to keep that white kitchen cabinets looking clean. If you do choose whites (so classic) you can add color in other decor items like rugs, a back splash, and towels.

Dirty Martini - a light olive green paint color by Clare

Dirty Martini

For those who like it shaken or stirred. This cloudy olive green classic makes a sophisticated statement in any room.

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Seize The Gray - a light gray paint color by Clare

Seize The Gray

A perfect neutral. This light, fresh gray has minimal undertones and provides a versatile backdrop for whatever the day may bring. Carpe diem, indeed.

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Upper and lower cabinets don’t need to match. For a lighter, airier feeling, do white kitchen cabinets on top and dark kitchen cabinets in a navy, black, or deep green on the bottom. Or commit to kitchen cabinet color schemes with darker hues on both the upper and lower cabinets.

Fresh Kicks - a bright white paint color by Clare

Fresh Kicks

Think of your favorite white pair, straight out the box. That’s the feeling of this one. Fresh and modern, this is our cleanest, brightest white, with no undertones. *Fresh Kicks is a pure, untinted white and may require 2+ coats for optimal coverage.

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Goodnight Moon - a dark navy blue paint color by Clare

Goodnight Moon

This strong midnight blue hue is dark and alluring — like an infinite, moonlit sky.

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When choosing kitchen cabinet paint colors consider the light in your space. You want the colors to balance the space. So if the light is limited and cold, you want to use lighter, warmer colors. If the kitchen is flooded with natural light try a darker, moodier color.

Timeless - a warm off-white paint color by Clare


The off-white you’ve been searching for that no one’s ever managed to nail. (Until now.) With creamy undertones, this inviting shade envelops your space in warmth and reflects light beautifully.

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Current Mood - a dark green paint color by Clare

Current Mood

For those who aren’t afraid to bring the drama. A mysterious, moody green that’s intense and alluring all at once.

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Feeling overwhelmed with decision making? Take the process in steps. Start by choosing the best color for kitchen cabinets, then pick countertops, flooring, backsplash, appliances, and then decide on the wall paint color. For more expensive items, try to avoid trendy picks and opt for classics that will last.

Helpful guide for picking the perfect kitchen cabinet paint color - cabinets painted in Headspace by Clare.
Headshot of Robyn from The Sweet Simple Life with her light blue painted cabinets. Cabinet paint color is Headspace by Clare.

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