Leftover Paint Gave This Attic a Fairytale Feel Fit for a Two Year Old

A kids’ mural that grown-ups will love too.

kids mural | DIY kids mural

When Camille Simmons moved into her Crestline, California home with her family, she was yearning to transform the attic bedroom into a storybook space for her two year old son, Milo. “I wanted to play off the nature theme of our home and give him a fairytale-like childhood, but still keep it modern,” the Planning Pretty blogger explains.

But, as if creating a bedroom that would grow with her child wasn’t already a tall order, Camille had to overcome two additional Herculean challenges: the room boasted slanted walls and quirky alcoves and it was swathed in clashing murals.

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With the help of Clare’s Current Mood, she was able to transform the space with a new toned-down, eye-catching kids’ mural and delicate, hand-stenciled details. “It might be a very dark color, but I think it’s kind of cheerful.” Recreate this whimsically modern space with this mom’s boy bedroom ideas using paint:

1. Offset the Darkness 

kids mural | Current Mood and Whipped paint by Clare

It was really important for Camille to keep the room feeling bright and joyous. (Since the sole source of natural light is through a small glass door, any dark shade could run the risk of making it feel drab.) That’s exactly why she offset the room’s Current Mood base paneling with Whipped, a soft, warm white.

“You don’t really see dark colors in kids’ spaces so I wanted to balance it out,” Camille explains. Not only does the warm white beautifully juxtaposes Current Mood’s darker tones, but it also bounces the natural light around—especially against the attic’s sloped ceilings. “When I was comparing different swatches, there were a lot of cool shadows.” Whipped was warm enough to offset the shadows but still felt bright and fresh. 

2. Make a Statement with a Mural

kids mural | Clare Paint

Before the family moved in, the attic was covered in contrasting, red and blue floor-to-ceiling murals. “I felt overstimulated and a little claustrophobic,” explains Camille. Though the room’s original state was too eclectic for her taste, she liked the idea of incorporating original art in some way, so she tapped friend and artist Shelley Bruce to create a kids’ mural using leftover paint.

“I wanted it to be a natural landscape that was inspired by where we’re living,” Camille explains. “Shelley spent some time sitting out on our deck, and what really caught her attention was the sunset.” A cocktail of Current Mood, Whipped, Wink, Frozen, Rosé Season, Pink Sky, and Dirty Martini created an idyllic landscape that rivals Mother Nature herself.

3. Double Down on the Details

kids mural | boy bedroom ideasAn intricate assortment of built-ins flank one wall of Camille’s attic bedroom. The blogger considered ripping them out, but to keep much-needed storage, she ultimately decided to save them and highlight the trim with a freehand stencil instead—adding an ombré effect with Rosé Season and Current Mood to highlight both the paneling and kids’ mural. “A kid’s space is a very forgiving place to have imperfect lines,” she explains. Making everything neat and tidy would have taken away from the space’s whimsical nature. 

4. Deck Out with Timeless Decor

boy bedroom ideas | DIY kids mural

Of course, one of the most challenging aspects of designing a children’s bedroom is creating a space that will grow up as they do. Fortunately, Current Mood lays the foundation for a truly timeless room. “I wanted it to tie in the surrounding nature,” she shares. “He’ll be able to grow with the color too. It’s not your typical baby hue; it has longevity.” 

To complement the palette’s enduring versatility, Camille anchored the space with timeless furniture like a pair of carved wooden beds with a simple silhouette that will hold up over the years. The mom also peppered the room in kid-friendly touches such as a multi-colored flag banner, stuffed animals, and mushroom-shaped storage baskets. The result? A storybook space filled with childish wonder. 

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