Saturated Pink Shades Offset This Storybook Bedroom’s Lack of Natural Light

The darker ceiling gave this mountain retreat a cozy monochrome vibe.

Pink Bedroom Walls | Rosé Season by Clare Paint

Camille Simmons’ Crestline, California home looks like it belongs in a modern-day fairytale. From its lush, mountainside views to the whimsical 1920’s architecture, the property has plenty of charm to go around. “There’s a lot of great inspiration just from the area,” the Planning Pretty blogger explains. “I wanted to use the trees and flowers growing around our property as inspiration for the color palette.” 

That’s exactly what Simmons did when she revamped her pink bedroom walls in Rosé Season and chose the slightly darker Pink Sky for the ceiling. “The pink came from my love of garden roses and camellias, and how saturated their petals are,” she explains. “I wanted to feel like when I’m in the room and laying down, I’m enveloped in petals; like you’re inside a flower.” 

Pink bedroom | Rosé Season by Clare Paint

The finished space is equal parts cozy and chic, thanks to the pops of light blue, vintage furniture, and moody, dark trim. “The pink bedroom walls added more drama and made the room feel cozier,” she explains. “Especially in the winter when it’s snowing outside; it’s really cool to be here.” Recreate this high-impact, monochromatic look in your home with Simmons’ pink bedroom ideas: 

1. Master the Match Game

 All pink bedroom

Since Simmons’ bedroom doesn’t have much natural sunlight, she wanted to lean into the darkness and swath the space in saturated shades. “I definitely knew I didn’t want a high-contrast color palette or anything too crazy,” Simmons explains. “I’m supposed to sleep here!”

It can be difficult to find two bold hues that work nicely with each other but fortunately, Rosé Season and Pink Sky have similar saturation levels and their small nuances still create plenty of depth. “The colors evoke that feeling of being playful and whimsical, but still warm and inviting,” she shares. “I actually found it quite soothing to pick two similar shades.” 

2. Defy Gravity

Pink bedroom walls | pink ceiling paint

If you want to give your monochromatic space top-to-bottom appeal, consider applying the darker hue on the ceiling, just as Simmons did here. “Previously, the room had this ugly beige carpet and walls,” she explains. “It was a risk, but painting the ceiling a darker tone made the room feel cozier.”

Admittedly, the ceiling can be one of the most overlooked areas of any room. But, a darker hue draws the eye upward—especially when paired with a four-poster canopy bed. “You can see the height and fill the overall space a little bit better.”

3. Double Down on Darkness (Really!)

Pink bedroom ideas

Simmons’ bedroom proves that embracing the dark side has plenty of perks. Instead of offsetting the saturated pink bedroom walls with light, airy accents, she stuck with the home’s pre-existing brown trim. Not only is this trim present throughout the home, but it also matches the woodsy landscape seen from the window. “It feels richer,” she adds. “It feels more cabin and cottage-like than a new build.” 

4. Create Contrast

Pink bedroom decor | pink bedroom design

The key to making your monochromatic space feel dynamic, not dull? Contrasting pops of color. When decorating her bedroom, Simmons drew inspiration from California’s Madonna Inn, which is known for its unique, pigment-packed rooms. “I was trying to find a softer sky blue to throw in with the pillows and curtains,” she shares. “[I wanted to] break up the pink so that it wasn't so monochromatic, but just subtle enough to have some contrast.” Simmons’ eclectic assortment of vintage furniture rounds out the room, giving this space its very own happily ever after. 


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