4 Elevated Tween Bedroom Ideas, Courtesy of a Designer

Imaginative and mature.

tween bedroom ideas

Open floor plans, large-scale renovations, and tedious kitchen remodels register as some of design’s most formidable opponents. But creating an elevated yet playful bedroom fit for an ever-changing tween runs a close fourth. Just ask Erica Deputy, the creative behind design blog New Home Old Soul, who just finished redesigning her 10-year-old daughter’s bedroom this past November.

tween bedroom design

The designer wanted to create a space that would evolve with her daughter, Blake, over the next five-plus years, while speaking to her current interests and personality. Guided by her little “client,” Deputy ultimately went with warm wood furniture, vibrant yellow accents, and a splash of Headspace on the ceiling to create a tween-friendly bedroom that’s equal parts playful and mature. Ahead, find Deputy’s creative and elevated tween bedroom ideas, courtesy of her daughter’s new space.

Involve Your Tween In the Design Process

Tween bedroom decor

Deputy recommends treating your pre-teen like a client and listening to their wants and needs throughout the process. “My daughter actually did a lot of the designing,” she explains. “It was awesome, because I know she really loves it!” Blake’s favorite color, yellow, shaped the palette, while her love of reading inspired the lofted bed and bookcase. She even helped paint the ceiling border and build the custom furniture with her dad, Gregory, who’s a full-time woodworker. “I really wanted to let her be creative and design her own little sanctuary,” she adds.

Design With the Future In Mind

Tween bedroom design

Deputy wanted the design to suit Blake’s current interests, but she did consider longevity and practicality from the onset. “The look is slightly mature, which was intentional,” she shares. “The color palette is more out-of-the-box, which I love, and we can easily remove the lofted bed when she gets older.” Deputy also installed a picture rail molding around the perimeter of the room, which will allow Blake to swap out artwork and decor as she gets older. “Nothing feels too permanent, which is great,” she adds. “Even the corkboard above her desk can evolve with her tastes and interests.”

Elevate the Space With Raw Wood

Pre-teen bedroom design

Eclecticism and character sit at the heart of Deputy’s design philosophy (hence the name “New Home Old Soul”). She warmed up the otherwise modern space with raw wood furniture and sentimental touches, like a handmade quilt from her grandmother and a pink flag that reads, “The Magic Is In You.” “I didn’t want it to feel too ‘precious,’ like a little girl’s room,” she explains. ”I think the raw wood and personal accents give it a more lived in, mature feel.”

Paint the Ceiling For a Subtle Pop of Color

Tween bedroom design ideas
While Deputy wanted to design a lively space fit for a 10-year-old, she didn’t want to stray too far from the minimalist, white-walled aesthetic of the rest of her home. She found a happy medium in a coat of Headspace on the ceiling, which adds a subtle pop of personality without floor-to-ceiling color. “She loves to ‘introvert,’ and I loved the idea of her laying in bed and staring up at this relaxing, blue-green color,” she shares. “We decided to bring the paint down to create a little border, which adds a bit more visual interest.”
Gender neutral kids room
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