Peek Inside this Charming Indoor Sunroom for Ideas You’ll Want to Copy, Stat

Daily Greens plays *so* well with all the natural light.

If you need indoor sunroom ideas, this bold makeover is a must-see.

If you’re in need of some ideas for your indoor sunroom, or frankly, any room with plenty of warm natural light, take inspiration from editor Jasmine Bible. She has an especially bold, experiential aesthetic, and carries that throughout her Victorian home, built in 1903. But when she first moved in, the sunroom–which doubles as the entryway–was, as she describes it, “sad and dingy, and void of any personality.”


This simple white sunroom was begging for a mood-boosting new wall color.

The white walls and white carpeting weren’t quite jiving with Jasmine’s vision for her home, or the way she wanted visitors to feel when they entered the space. “I wanted to set the tone for the entire home. Really make an impactful and inviting statement right at first glance,” she tells us.


The paint color Daily Greens from Clare plays so well with the natural light in this sunroom.

Enter: just the right, energizing hue. Daily Greens instantly injected life into the space, along with some vintage decor pieces for extra personality. Read on and gather up indoor sunroom ideas you can bring into your own home.

Picking The Right Paint Color

Bold by day and moody by night, Daily Greens is a true chameleon wall color.

The best part about renovating a sunroom? All that natural light! It’s a great opportunity to experiment with new colors. In this case, Jasmine had her heart set on green. “Clare does greens so well!” she tells us. “I ordered a bunch of the samples, but seeing Daily Greens in the space, I knew it was just right. It's rich and bold and retains its full color in the bright daily sun. Then it turns warm and moody in the evening.” Going with a chameleon color like Daily Greens will help you enjoy your space to the fullest, any hour of the day.

A Case for Swathing Your Ceiling and Trim in Color

Carrying the Daily Greens wall color to the ceiling and trim creates an enveloping feel.

Don’t limit your new hue to just the walls–take it to the next level by carrying color through to the ceiling and the trim, too. “Choosing to fully envelop the room in the color fits with the design sensibilities of the 1903 era that the home was built,” Jasmine explains. Plus, when done in a rich hue like Daily Greens, it creates almost a hug-like feel every time you step into the space. 

For More Character, Choose Vintage

Thrifted artwork and vintage decor create a personalized vibe.

Nothing makes a space feel more personal than filling it with one-of-a-kind finds. Hanging objects like a vintage tennis racket feels fresh and unexpected. Jasmine also adorned the walls with plenty of thrifted art in ornate gold frames, to match up with her home’s history.  The result? “It's a little oasis,” Jasmine tells us. “It's perfect for a morning cup of coffee, an afternoon tea, or an evening cocktail. I guess we drink a lot in this room!” Cheers to a reno well done!

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