Our Most Buzzworthy Shades of Green Paint

These versatile hues are Clare fan favorites.

Check out the most buzzworthy shades of green paint. See the hues of green everyone's loving and find the perfect green paint for your home.

It's no surprise that shades of green are some of our most popular paint hues. Why? Because green paint colors range from versatile, to cheery, to invigorating and moody – they can express so much! Plus, green paint always feels timeless and fresh.

Read on to see some of our best-selling green colors. They'll have you planning your next paint project, stat.  

Rain Check

Yoga Studio featuring Rain Check, a green paint color by Clare


If you’re looking for an ultra-versatile hue that soothes, Rain Check is an amazing bet. Give it a try in the bedroom, bathroom, kids’ rooms or anywhere else you want to bring in the zen. Light gray with subtle green undertones, it’s cool with just the right amount of warmth to ensure it’s always calming and never cold.

Daily Greens

Exterior front door featuring Daily Greens, a green paint color by Clare


Craving a healthy dose of color? Fan-favorite Daily Greens is as refreshing as it is bold, an ideal way to create a punch of color just about anywhere. A medium-toned mossy olive green, it’s a true chameleon that looks good at any hour—bright and warm during the day, moody and full of depth in the evening. Try it on your front door or kitchen cabinets for timeless yet modern charm.

Field Trip

Bedroom featuring Field Trip, a green paint color by Clare


Equal parts moody and classic, our deep forest green Field Trip is filled with a sense of adventure—and it’s one of our best-selling green paint colors. With its earthy tone and natural beauty, it’s perfect for bringing the charm of the outdoors in. Try it out in the bedroom to create your own cozy escape, bring it to your outdoor shutters to match the surrounding greenery or paint on built-ins for a truly timeless look.

High Vibe 

Bathroom featuring High Vibe, a green paint color by Clare


Bring in all the good energy with High Vibe, a luminous light green that makes a subtle statement. Use it anywhere you want to bring balance, like the bedroom, bathroom or entryway. With its soft glow, it makes the perfect pick for brightening up, especially in spaces that are low on natural light (though it looks gorgeous anywhere). Since it’s a softer shade, it plays well with other colors and makes a great choice for trim and accents, like interior doors and old furniture that needs a new look.

Money Moves

Bedroom featuring Money Moves, a green paint color by Clare


When it comes to our best green paint colors, Money Moves fits the bill—pun intended! Crisp and clean, it’s a fresh sage green that makes a statement without feeling too bright or saturated. This calming energy makes it a perfect pick for spaces like the bedroom, living room and dining room. Plus, it’s super versatile, pairing well with pastel shades and earthy tones alike to create a layered, character-filled look.


Dirty Martini

Bedroom featuring Dirty Martini, a green paint color by Clare


For those who like it shaken or stirred. This cloudy olive green makes a sophisticated statement. This green would be relaxing enough for a main bedroom, but refined enough for a living room, too. Depending on how you style it, it can skew glamorous or relaxed.

Current Mood 

Current Mood is one of the most buzzworthy green paint colors from Clare.


For those who aren’t afraid to bring the drama. This color is having a major style moment thanks to its extraordinary versatility. A mysterious, moody green that’s intense and alluring all at once, it can work in a bedroom paired with neutrals, or  a powder room with unfinished brass hardware and feminine details. You’ll have a hard time finding just one spot to use it.

Avocado Toast 

Discover the perfect shades of Green Paint from Clare, like this energetic hue called Avocado Toast.


If you put avocado on just about everything, you’ve met your match. This fresh, natural green is positively satisfying. Try it try out in a kitchen or bathroom. It makes every room its in feel like a breath of fresh air.


This guest bedroom packs a serious punch — and it's functional for the whole family to enjoy! The paint color is OMGreen by Clare.


Cue all the heart eyes and double taps! A harmonious mix of sage and seafoam, this punchy hue is perfect for livening up any space. Try it in a guest room or a living room to bring a burst of invigorating energy.


Kitchen featuring Grayish, a green paint color by Clare


If a true green is too saturated and subdued is more your mood, try Grayish. This subtle shade of gray has obvious green undertones but still reads as a neutral, offering an easy way to incorporate hint of color without overwhelming the space. Try it in a dining room to ground the space with a subtle hint of color, a bathroom to create a spa-like vibe or a main bedroom to create a relaxing oasis.

More of the Best Green Paint Colors 

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