Clever (and Calming!) Bedroom Design Ideas for a Green Color Scheme

Money Moves and Grayish make a stunning pair.

Clever (and Calming!) Bedroom Design Ideas for a Green Color Scheme

Color can be tricky to pull off in the bedroom, mostly because bright shades can feel too busy in a space that’s supposed to be calming and meant for rest. But this proved to be no problem for stylist and Clare Collective ambassador Ashley Whiteside, whose longtime Oklahoma City-based clients requested fun but sophisticated pops of color while renovating and decorating their 90s-built home.

As part of the revamp, she gave the bedroom—which originally felt dated and cavernous—a fresh look with strategic usage of paint. “The goal was to create a calming, welcoming zone that fits their love of color and fun without being too energetic,” Ashley says. Keep scrolling to read up on all her bedroom design ideas for green color schemes.


See how Clare Collective ambassador Ashley Whiteside transformed this dated primary bedroom into an oasis of color and calm. Read more on the blog to see these bedroom design ideas for a green color scheme


Calm and cool primary bedroom design ideas for a green color scheme. Money Moves, the perfect sage green paint color, and Grayish, a gray with green paint color, make the perfect duo in this bedroom design

Finding the Perfect Shade of Green

Ashley knew early on that she wanted to use a green paint color in the bedroom. The key to finding that perfect shade of green was in striking the right balance, and identifying a hue that made enough of a statement without feeling too bright or busy for a bedroom. She played around with our palette of greens, swatching and eliminating options to suit the space. And in the end, our crisp light green Money Moves fit the bill perfectly—pun intended!

Avocado Toast was too juvenile, Matcha Latte was too jarring en masse, Current Mood we already used in the den and Two Scoops was too bright,” she says. “When considering Money Moves, it felt like the right balance of peace and interest, which is a delicate balance, as well as a personal one.”

Mixing It Up with the Trim

Instead of going the traditional route and using white for trim, Ashley decided to mix it up with our pale green-gray Grayish on the trim and millwork. “White trim has been the safe option for so long, for sure, but this is a family and a house that isn't afraid to take a chance,” she says. “Nothing about my design approach is expected.”

Step into this bedroom makeover by Clare Collective ambassador Ashley Whiteside. Grayish, a gray with green paint color, and Money Moves, the perfect sage green paint color, create a calming bedroom oasis. Read more on the blog at

Ashley felt that white trim, when paired with green walls, would be too high-contrast for a space meant to be restful. She also considered doing a color-drenched monochromatic look, but wanted to put more emphasis on the trim instead of letting it disappear into the walls. So she chose Grayish, which she also used in other areas of the home, since its green undertones felt subtle yet different enough against green Money Moves. “These colors together evoke calm, feeling almost inspired by water and meadows,” she says.

Highlighting the Existing Architecture

Another of Ashley’s bedroom design ideas for green spaces is to use paint to play up and highlight architecture—a cost-effective trick she turns to time and time again. For this room, that meant emphasizing the vaulted ceiling by bringing Money Moves all the way up to the top. “The ceiling was already showing off, but I wanted to address it in ways that feel fresh and current,” she says. “There is no room where I look at it and assume that the ceiling will be white. It's such a lost opportunity!”



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