Green Kitchen Cabinets are the Star of this LA Spanish Revival Reno

In the kitchen, bold color is in.

Green Kitchen Cabinets are the Star of this LA Spanish Revival Reno


When actor Noah Bean and his wife, Lyndsy Fonseca (also an actor) moved into their Los Angeles Spanish Revival home in 2018, they knew they’d need to make some updates. But instead of diving right into a renovation, they decided to live in the space for a few years to better understand how to make it work for their growing family, which now includes two young daughters.


After taking time to understand their needs, Noah and Lyndsy brought in designer Jessica D’Itri Mares of Renovate 108 to help them pull off a majorly impressive kitchen reno, complete with clean lines, a new archway and bold color in the form of green kitchen cabinets.

The home and kitchen had been renovated by previous owners since it was built in 1928, but it didn’t quite align with the charming yet modern look they were going for. “Our goal with our remodel was to bring back a lot of the original Spanish Revival character of the home, which had been chipped away at by previous owners, and to create a timeless aesthetic,” Noah says. “We wanted our home to feel like it's been this way forever and not look flipped.”



Color takes center stage in this reno, thanks to a coat of our mossy olive Daily Greens that adds a punch of color to the cabinets. “Bringing in some bolder color choices helped warm up certain spaces and build a feeling of whimsy and fun,” Noah says. Also important: making the space feel comfortable and functional with two young kids, and creating a canvas that meshes with their casual-modern-timeless aesthetic and the indoor-outdoor California lifestyle.

Keep reading to see how they pulled it off.

Opening Up the Kitchen

Upon moving in, the kitchen was functional but cramped, with a galley-style layout that had little storage and was prone to pile-ups of both people and clutter. As a major gathering spot in the home, whether cooking with kids or hosting friends, they decided to open up the space by adding a large archway that leads into the dining room—a fitting complement to the home’s Spanish Revival style.



This not only improved the flow but also allowed them to install more cabinetry for extra storage space—a win in any home but especially one with kids. To make the space even more kid-friendly, they moved the sink over a window that has a view into the front yard, which is perfect for watching their daughters play.

Going with Green Kitchen Cabinets

After the construction portion of the reno was complete, it was time to pick out the color and create those gorgeous green kitchen cabinets. Jessica brought over a selection of Clare peel and stick swatches, which they tested during various times of day to make sure it jived with all types of lighting. “We knew we wanted to use a bold color for the kitchen and found Daily Greens to be the perfect shade to complement the timeless style of the kitchen while also feeling fresh and new. It seems to evolve with the light over the course of the day, giving us more bright elements during the day and a wonderful depth and warmth during the evening,” Noah says.


Daily Greens dressed up the sleek but timeless cabinetry, which includes panels that disguise the fridge and other appliances for a streamlined and seamless look. They kept the other kitchen details classic but minimal to let the green kitchen cabinets shine, including open shelving that shows off plants and collected pieces, light-toned countertops, and glossy Zellige tiles for the backsplash.

The result? A warm, welcoming space that was exactly what they were looking for. “When we finally saw the kitchen painted, we experienced an incredible sense of joy and relief. So much thought, work, time, energy and money goes into a renovation,” Noah says. “To see it all come together with that first coat of paint is incredible. Deciding to use a bold color can take a leap of faith, but we couldn’t have been happier with the result once it was completed. It really pulled everything together and created a wonderful wow factor.”



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