Painting a Wall Mural is Easier Than You Think–Here’s Proof!

Clare Collective ambassador Lauren Hom shows us how it’s done

Painting a wall mural is a great way to breathe life into a small space.

When faced with the prospect of a dull bathroom with no natural light, Clare Collective ambassador Lauren Hom got creative—per usual. “For a while I thought I could get away with trying to put a houseplant in there,” she says. “But they kept dying, so my solution was to paint a plant instead. I chose an eclectic tile so I wanted to keep the mural simple, oversized and graphic.” 

Painting a wall mural is a great alternative for putting wall art in a high-traffic, small area like the bathroom, since it can’t be knocked off the wall. Lauren’s bathroom was already painted with Wing It, our sophisticated, pale pink, so adding the leaf on top was pretty easy. “This mural is great for beginners since it uses only two colors,” she explains. “Plus, an organic design is more forgiving since you can customize the shape of the leaf to be as intricate or as minimal as you want.” 

This bathroom went from dull to delightful, just by painting a wall mural.

Painting a Wall Mural

Difficulty level: Easy

What You’ll Need: 

-Clare paint (colors shown here are Dirty Martini and Wing It)

-One-inch angled paint brush 

-A small cup for the paint (a cleaned-out yogurt container will do)

-A piece of chalk or pencil

-A drop cloth

-Apron to protect your clothes

The Step-By-Step:

Start with a painted background wall.

Designer Lauren Hom chose Dirty Martini, an olive green by Clare, for painting a leafy wall mural.

Using your chalk or pencil (use a light hand so it’s easy to erase), start by drawing the stem of the leaf first. Draw a line from the upper left-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner of the wall. Then, following that guiding line, paint over it. That becomes your starting point.

Clare's Dirty Martini was the perfect green for the leaves in this wall mural.

Sketch out all of your leaves. Keep in mind where your bathroom hardware (towel bars, toilet paper holder) goes so you can have the design complement their placement.

Painting a wall mural = the ultimate weekend project.

Paint the outlines of the leaves. Make sure to not overload your brush with paint—you don’t want drips. Use the thin, angled side of the brush for a nice skinny line. Fill in the inside of each leaf with paint using the brush horizontally.

 Painting a wall mural is a great way to add a more personal touch to your space.

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