In with the NEW! Meet Extra Virgin, High Vibe, and Like Buttah

Three new hues. Endless possibilities!

Shopping for a new Spring Paint Color? Try Clare's latest launches including Extra Virgin, High Vibe, and Like Buttah.

Inspired by the trending colors our customers loved most in the past year, we’re so excited to introduce the latest additions to the Clare color lineup: Extra Virgin, High Vibe, and Like Buttah. Elevating but not out of reach, these three hues are all about inviting a sense of optimism into your space—plus they’re adaptable enough to pair with just about anything! Here, read all about our newest colors, plus a few bright ideas on how to use them in your next refresh. 

Extra Virgin

Need a new Spring paint color? Try Extra Virgin by Clare. A go-to-green paint color perfect for channeling a nature vibe in your living room or bedroom.
Meet your new go-to shade of green! Like the good stuff you drizzle to enhance any dish, consider Extra Virgin the essential ingredient for pulling your space together. Roll it out in your living room or bedroom to channel the bold beauty of nature. Add zest to your kitchen with a coat on your cabinets (it pairs perfectly with wood tones and neutrals!). Try it on doors or trim to make your space pop. Or, use it to brighten a piece of old furniture with an unexpected punch of color. 

High Vibe

Need a new Spring paint color? Try Like High Vibe by Clare. A luminous light green that brings balance to small spaces like your laundry room or entryway.
A luminous light green that glows with good energy, High Vibe is an ideal pick for bringing any room back into balance. Use this sprightly shade to boost the mood in a small space like the laundry room or entryway. Pair it with white in a bathroom for a look that’s oh-so-fresh and clean. Or, use it in your bedroom to create a just-right balance of serenity and energy made for waking up and winding down.

Like Buttah

Need a new Spring paint color? Try Like Buttah by Clare. A perfect warm neutral. It’s a rich buttery beige paint perfect for a welcoming vibe in your kitchen.
Searching for the perfect warm neutral? Like Buttah is the cream of the crop! This warm, buttery beige adds a rich boost of flavor to any room you roll it in. Paint your kitchen walls in this dreamy shade for a welcoming vibe that pairs well with cabinetry and appliances. Roll it in your dining room to add a cozy ambiance to intimate gatherings (it looks stunning under candlelight!). Or, paint your entire home in the hue to create the ultimate neutral backdrop. Whether in open layouts or quiet nooks, Like Buttah is the ultimate pick for making any space feel more inviting. 

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls is the easiest way to give your space an instant (and majorly impactful!) refresh. After all, color is the most powerful tool in the designer’s toolkit—playing a key part in setting the tone and shifting the mood of a room. So if you’re ready for a reset? One of these mood-boosting hues might just be the secret ingredient you need to transform your space!


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