4 Modern Entryway Ideas to Create a Grand Entrance

A moody green staircase and warm white walls make for a modern finish. 

4 Modern Entryway Ideas to Create a Grand Entrance

When Lauren Ashley’s clients—a young family in Texas—wanted to upgrade to a larger home, they didn’t have to look far to find the perfect property. As luck would have it, the client’s parents were hoping to downsize, so the young family packed their bags and moved into the childhood home. “It was like a house swap,” explains Lauren, who owns LA Weddings & Interiors. Lauren's clients wanted to give this family home a wow-factor from the moment you step inside, so they set out to renovate their foyer with a sophisticated color palette and modern entryway ideas for a stunning grand entrance.

“This is the main point of entry, and they really wanted to catch people off guard as they walked in,” she explains. That’s exactly what Lauren did when she selected a bold, unexpected hue for the entry staircase, opting for our best-selling Current Mood. Equal parts contemporary and eye-catching, this makeover shows just how the right color palette can set the tone for your space. Want to recreate this statement-making entryway in your own home? Lauren shares four tips for revamping your home’s entryway in style.

1. Start With a Versatile Base

If you want your staircase to be the main attraction, keep the rest of the room a blank canvas with a versatile neutral for balance. “The walls were originally a yellow-ish [color], and I wanted to brighten up them up,” she explains. “It really makes the space look better.” Lauren laid the groundwork for the modern entryway by painting the walls Whipped, our perfect warm white that pairs well with both warm and cool tones.

2. Don't Be Afraid to Go Bold

When selecting a shade for your statement staircase, don’t be afraid to step outside of the beige box. Lauren shares that Current Mood was the obvious choice for this space. “[My clients] wanted white everywhere, but I steered them toward more color,” she explains. “We agreed on Current Mood for the kitchen—and they loved it. So, I thought that we should let the color bleed over to the staircase since we were redoing it anyway.”

If you’re starting your search from square one, Lauren recommends picking up a few peel-and-stick color swatches to narrow down your options. But, whether you pick a sunny yellow or deep blue, she encourages you to go for the bold. “Pick a color that is unexpected,” the designer shares. “Clare offers a lot of those colors and just makes it a conversation piece.”

3. Bring a Pop of Pattern

As the saying goes, the devil lies in the details—especially when it comes to modern entryway ideas. Once the foundational color palette was in place, Lauren incorporated an antelope patterned runner to bring more interest to the statement-making staircase. The pattern creates a focal point all the way to the upper level for maximum impact.

4. Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

Accessories have the power to make or break your space, which is exactly why your modern entryway ideas should highlight your paint palette, not compete with it. In this entryway, Lauren injected an array of earthy hues — from the warm, brass light fixture to the amber-colored pillows and the large-scale abstract art with inviting tones that perfectly compliment to Current Mood.

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