Create the Ultimate Guest Bedroom Design with These Cozy Hues

Wing It and Whipped make a perfect team.

Create the Ultimate Guest Bedroom Design with These Cozy Hues

When it comes to working with color, Clare Collective ambassador and interior designer Orlando Soria doesn’t shy away. His Yosemite rental cabin, nicknamed the Londo Lodge, is filled with a myriad of hues, some quite surprising for a woodsy getaway. While the exterior features a deep navy, Goodnight Moon, an elevated pick for the once-beige facade, inside Orlando opted for cheerful, saturated tones. The guest bedroom design features wall-to-wall Wing It, our dreamy light pink, plus nightstands DIYed with Whipped, a creamy, warm white. The result? A cohesive and soothing space that is already a favorite of the designer, his friends and family. Discover his tips below to bring the look into your own home.



Tip 1: Pick Your Palette with Intention

Orlando has long been a fan of pink—especially when it comes to primary and guest bedroom design. In fact, he once had a pink bedroom at his Los Angeles home. While pink may not be everyone’s first thought when it comes to a bedroom wall color, it’s surprisingly versatile when paired with other shades. A palette of pink, beige and gold, alongside textured neutrals and wood, is one of his go-to combos.


When Orlando first purchased the cabin three years ago, it still had the original paint job. Even the light fixtures were from the 90s. So, in the spirit of adding his own touch, he got to work filling nearly every wall with colors that not only fit his personal taste but that his guests would adore as well.

Tip 2: Consider the Light

This particular guest bedroom design is on the second floor and receives plenty of natural light. When choosing a color, he encourages people to think of lighting. If a room is naturally dark, try playing up the coziness with a bold blue or green. In this room, thanks to the bright direct light from the large window, soft pink Wing It felt just right.


Pink is so soothing, relaxing and perfect for a bedroom. And since the guest bedroom isn’t a space that is used on a daily basis, he wanted to go a little outside his comfort zone to make it extra colorful. He added an even more playful touch with unique art, accents and furniture.


Tip 3: Choose Furnishings that Shine

When Orlando’s nightstands were delivered, they were a different color than he expected and didn’t fit in 100% with his guest bedroom design vision. Instead of being discouraged, he used his mastery of color and paint to make them work in the space. In the end, a coat of our warm white Whipped was all they needed.


While the bedroom’s pink and beige palette is gorgeous on its own, he knew it needed another element to truly make it shine: a vintage Japanese folding screen. Not only does the gold finish create further warmth, but it’s also a nice homage to his friend’s mother, who was a fan of Japanese art and sadly passed away in 2020. And while it took some engineering to safely place it on the wall, it’s now one of the starring elements of the room.

Tip 4: Don’t Forget About the Ceiling

To paint the ceiling or to not paint the ceiling? Orlando often works with clients who don’t feel the need to paint the ceiling, but this can be a missed opportunity. Sometimes, an existing ceiling color can skew the perception of the new wall color. Blue walls, for example, can appear gray if the ceiling above has warm undertones. Ceilings with cool undertones can also create a less-than-flattering situation. Orlando’s advice? Test out the wall color with the ceiling color to make sure everything feels cohesive. And if you do decide to paint the ceiling, tackle it first to avoid splattering paint on top of your freshly painted walls.



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