6 Fall Paint Ideas to Try For a Warm & Cozy Home

Nesting season is in full swing.

fall paint ideas

Changing leaves and cooler temperatures can mean only one thing…it’s time to paint your house. Was that not where your head went? But stay with us here: fall is the perfect season to have paint on the brain. Not only is the start of a new season a transitional time, but cooler and drier temps are ideal for applying paint.

Get inspired by this color roundup that features a mix of always-in-style neutrals and bold, show-stopping fall paint ideas. Just take a note from our friends at Coyuchi, who included two of our hues, Current Mood and Neutral Territory, in their fall catalog! The gorgeous room setups prove that with strategic textured accent pieces (i.e. soft, cozy bedding), the right furniture and sculptural natural elements, you’re sure to have the coziest house on the block. Keep reading to see all six colors that made the list.

fall paint ideas

1. Current Mood

Mysterious and moody, much like autumn itself, Current Mood is the green of your dreams. It plays nicely with just about every other color, too. It brings the drama in a living room, dining room or small sunroom, and provides the most stunning contrast with neutral accessories. A white or oatmeal couch, textural grasses and smooth white ceramic pieces all get a chance to shine against this jewel-toned backdrop.

fall paint ideas

2. Dirty Chai

As comforting as its namesake, the light brown of Dirty Chai adds instant warmth to a room. Brown might be one of the most underrated fall paint ideas, but you see this color everywhere this time of year. Thanks to its undertones, it feels calming, organic and earthy when added to a living room or bedroom. Bright whites, light blush, creams and even a rust color complement this paint color so nicely.

fall paint ideas

3. Whipped

A white with warm undertones, Whipped always looks inviting and versatile in a room. You get the beauty and flexibility that comes with painting with white when it comes to your decor, but it never feels chilly. Best for north facing rooms, this color can work in any space from a nursery to a home office. Try it on trim, cabinets or furniture too in our semi-gloss Trim Paint formula.

fall paint ideas

4. Big Apple

Fall decor for the home doesn’t feel right without a pop of red. But instead of the primary fire engine-toned version, we prefer the deep, dark red of our Big Apple paint color. It feels sophisticated and old world, so it would be right at home in a library, a home office, or a dining room. Not only a classic shade, red is said to stimulate conversation. So put it in a room that can handle high energy.

fall paint ideas

5. Neutral Territory

Go tone on tone or create contrast between darker color furniture pieces with Neutral Territory. Beige is having a real moment right now but is always a classic, and this sandy version features subtle red undertones that makes it feel natural in any space. Use it in a large room like an open concept living and dining room, it will complement changing furniture and décor and is still timeless enough that it will be years before you want to change it up.

fall paint ideas

6. Golden Hour

There’s something about the sun in the autumn; it changes and feels richer and warmer. Golden Hour embodies this warmth. An ideal accent color, use this paint for furniture or if you’re looking for DIY fall decor ideas, try a cool painted arch.

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