A painted arch in this modern dining room adds a fun pop of color. The paint color is a fiery orange-red paint color by Clare called Sriracha.

Painted Arches: The Coolest New Paint Trick to Try

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Add some serious drama and style to your home without having to pick up a hammer or pay for pricey pieces of crown molding. The internet is buzzing about painted arches — and you should be too. They’re the easiest way to makeover your space with only a little bit of paint. Fake the look of higher ceilings and more dramatic entries and exits by painting an arch on top of windows or doors in the same color. But don’t be afraid to mix it up and try different colors to create a fun, all-optical architectural detail that frames unique pieces of furniture, different zones in a room, or more utilitarian spaces. Think of painted arches like the 2020 version of an accent wall, it’s a unique way to add a pop of color to a room that feels fresher than painting an entire wall. Painted arches mean less paint and mess than rolling out a whole wall and less stress than wallpaper.

All in the Bag

Make an entryway or closet look extra stylish (even when it’s working hard to store your favorite bags) with a hook-framing arch. One of our most popular hues, Wing It, is neutral enough to match with a variety of other earthy colors but has just the right touch of blush to make it feel feminine.

A white painted arch against a pink all helps define this organized entryway. The soft pink paint color is Wing It by Clare and the white paint is Fresh Kicks.
Wing It - a light pink paint color by Clare
Wing It

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Warm It Up

A zen little nook gets a dose of warmth from our deep, orange-red Sriracha paint color. A bold and modern interpretation of the arch trend, don’t be afraid to try something other than a neutral paint color if you think it would benefit the look of the room. Balance bolder colors with dark, clean-lined neutral pieces for contrast.

A painted arch in this modern dining room adds a fun pop of color. The paint color is a fiery orange-red paint color by Clare called Sriracha.


Sriracha - a deep orange - red paint color by Clare


Bold, brilliant, and full of energy. This deep, orange-y red is a color power move for those who like it hot and spicy.

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Grab and Go

Again, add a little whimsy to a practical and small space in your home. Maybe there’s no room for a stunning piece of furniture, but you can create a station to stash bags and everything you need on your way out. Wing It for the win again here, playing up the rest of the pretty neutrals.

A pink painted arch paired with floating shelves instantly creates a focal point in your home. The pink paint shown here is Wing It by Clare.


Wing It - a light pink paint color by Clare

Wing It

A pale, sophisticated, barely there pink, inspired by our favorite all-ladies social club that made pink our new favorite neutral.

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Double Trouble

Double the fun with double arches—this minimal, sunny bedroom gets a hit of color with the combination of two of our colors, Turbinado and Pop. Think of it like an easier to apply wall mural. If you’re looking for a more detailed and layered look incorporate wall hangings, shelving, or furniture pieces into the design.

Double painted arches featuring paint colors Turbinado and Pop by Clare creates an instant mural in this bedroom.


Turbinado - a beige - neutral paint color by Clare


Our deepest of deep, warmest of warm beige. Like honey colored sugar crystals.

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Pop - a light, bright coral - pink paint color by Clare


If this color was a person, you’d want them at your party. Playful, punchy, coral-y. A vibrant pop of color that adds to any space.

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A bold, yellow painted arch in Golden Hour by Clare creates a fun a pop of color in this living room.
Golden Hour - a bold yellow paint color by Clare
Golden Hour

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Curious to try this trend? It’s easy to do on your own!

How to create a painted arch:

  • Start by figuring out where you want to place your arch and how big it needs to be. Using a pencil and a straight edge, measure and mark where the sides of the arch will be. Use painter’s tape to create a template for the sides of the arch ensure a crisp line.
  • To create the arch shape, tap a nail into place in the center of the section (between the two sides with the painter’s tape) you want to draw your half circle. Tie a piece of string around the nail and with your pencil in hand, use the string like a compass and gently trace your arch on the wall.
  • Just like you would with trim, use an angled brush to cut in and create a clean edge on the arch. From there you can fill in the circle and the rest of the arch with a mini roller or larger roller depending on its size. If you’re overlapping colors, start with the lightest colors first then go over it with darker colors, it offers much better coverage with less coats of paint.

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