8 Easy DIY Home Projects to Try While You’re Stuck at Home

Designer-approved hues.

Easy DIY Projects For Your Home

When you’re spending a lot of time at home you want to love the way it looks and feels — and paint is an easy and affordable way to change things up. Better yet, it can be applied quickly and used in any size space, whether you have a large home, a small apartment, or something in between.

Need some motivation to get painting? We rounded up some of our favorite DIY home projects from Instagram – and they aren't just limited to walls! This inspiring list offers tons of clever places to roll on a fresh coat during quarnatine and beyond:


Easy DIYs For Your Home@billieanne

1. Add spa-like vibes to your bathroom

To lighten and brighten your bathroom doesn’t automatically mean you need to paint it white. Headspace, a dynamic light blue-green, helped this makeover feel airy and relaxing like your favorite beauty spot. Add in some sweet rattan and wood accents — plus plenty of plants — and the bathroom becomes an ideal spot to get your self-care on.


Easy DIY Projects For Your Home@fromchanell

2. Add a painted arch to your walls

Arches are the new stripes! Endlessly versatile, you can use them to draw attention to fun details in a room; we’ve got plenty of evidence here. It’s an easy way to change the look of the room or really showcase a beautiful piece of artwork. Choose a hue that contrasts whatever’s hanging on it, like our deep coral paint color, Pink Sky.


Easy DIY Projects For Your Home@thejennaogle

3. Give a room a fresh start with white paint

Feel free to call this a glow up because this teen room got a serious transformation. Covering the outdated wood paneling in our cool-toned white paint, Snow Day, instantly modernized the bedroom. What’s more, a sophisticated nightstand and headboard makes for furniture that teens can easily grow into.


Easy DIY Projects For Your Home@jcdesign1.1

4. Embrace DIY home projects with color blocking

Two colors means twice the fun in this little girl’s bedroom. While the walls were painted in Neutral Territory, a natural sandy beige, a painted circle on the wall in Baby Soft, our soft pink, added a playful touch. Overlaid with tassel garland, it became a cool focal point above the bed that costs less than a custom art piece. Bonus: A DIY home project like this is the perfect way to use up a little bit of leftover paint!


Easy DIY Projects For Your Home@myeclecticgrace

5. Lighten up a moody dining room

Feeling sick of a moody hue? This dining room was once a dark green and feels so much lighter and brighter repainted in Dirty Martini. The cloudy olive green plays nicely with the modern lines of the furniture and will perfectly complement the blonde hardwood floors the owner plans to install next.


Easy DIY Projects For Your Home@brownstoneboys

6. Paint a statement nook

Tiny little alcoves and nooks give a room or hallway character. Take it to the next level by adding a two-tone paint job — this one features Wing It and Pink Sky — for an added dose of charm. It only serves to highlight the interesting curios and treasures you tuck inside.


Easy DIY Projects For Your Home

7. Don’t be afraid of rich colors in a bathroom

Say goodbye to blush! This once-pink bathroom got a sophisticated makeover with our Dirty Chai wall paint. The warm, nutty brown color accents the white tile and stone surfaces, while feeling way less polarizing than the pink. It’s a powerful reminder that neutrals aren’t just white, beige, and cream—don’t be afraid to go dark. Since bathrooms are the easiest rooms to paint, it’s a great project if you only have a weekend. 


Easy DIYs For Your Home@peonyandhoney

8. Make doors more welcoming with a fun color

Sure, you’ve seen plenty of navy, French blue, green, black, and red front doors, but why not try a softer shade instead? A muted, neutral pink like Wing It on the interior of a front door works well with the soft color scheme in this blogger’s house. Add personality instead of getting stuck on what you should or shouldn’t be doing. There are no rules when it comes to paint color!

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