7 Dining Room Paint Colors That Defy Trends

You'll love these timeless shades.

dining room paint colors

Let’s face it, our dining rooms are sort of the stars of our homes these days. If you’re whipping up a homemade dish or plating takeout, any meal feels a bit fancier when you’re eating it in your dining room. So, don’t wait to update it! A new dining room paint color on the walls (or even the ceiling) might be just the refresh you’re looking for.

Ready to get inspired? Ahead, we’ve rounded up seven modern, traditional and experimental examples that embody unique and eye-catching paint applications.

dining room paint colors

Go Green

Think beyond the four walls of your dining room and try painting something a little more daring instead. Current Mood applied to the ceiling creates a crisp contrast to light colored walls and lends a more intimate feel to the room overall. Moody and dynamic, this color plays nicely with the modern furniture and accessories, but so do most greens.

More green dining room paint colors to try: Matcha Latte and Avocado Toast

dining room paint colors

Embrace the Blues

Jump into a cool, invigorating ocean of color with Deep Dive in your dining room. Painting the entire space — and we mean everything, from the walls, to the trim, and the ceiling — envelops the room in color, making it feel like a world away from the rest of your house. A universally calming hue, dark blues function almost like a neutral color like white or black. Pair them with practically anything!

More blue dining room paint colors to try: Goodnight Moon and Blue’d Up

 dining room paint colors

Warm it Up

An off-white, calming cream paint color like Timeless is exactly what its namesake suggests. You can never go wrong with white or another warm neutral, and in this instance, it creates a beautiful canvas for an adjacent accent wall. The room is perfectly balanced with contrasting black and white decor, satisfying the eye wherever it wanders.

More neutral dining room paint colors to try: Neutral Territory and On Point

dining room paint colors

Light As Air

Classically elegant, Nairobi Blue whisks you away and offers a lovely backdrop to the everyday scenes that unfold around a dining room table. Paired here with other cool hues, plenty of pattern and contrasted with golden accents and warm wood tones, this room has a delicately charming balance and a trend-defying appeal.

More pale blue dining room paint colors to try: Headspace and Frozen

dining room paint colors

White and Bright

A crisp and clean white, Fresh Kicks amps up the wow factor in a dining room, but when it’s already drenched in natural light it looks even more inviting. A balance of minimal furniture and accents and traditional molding, this space gets a touch of boho flair with the addition of plenty of tropical house plants in various sizes and shapes. In the morning sunshine, this might be the hippest breakfast spot in town.

More white dining room paint colors to try: Snow Day and Whipped

dining room paint colors

Pretty in Pink

Highly intriguing, warm and feminine, Rosé Season dips you into a pink paradise without ever feeling saccharine. This dining room tosses out tradition, with its painted trim, wallpapered ceiling and layered pink accents, but still feels incredibly elegant and formal. The party starts the moment you step into this fun and dramatic space.

More pink dining room paint colors to try: Wing It and Pop

dining room paint colors

Shades of Gray

This dining room has modern farmhouse written all over it. A nice, cool neutral gives you plenty of opportunity to design around it. Here, the juxtaposition of the patterned wallpaper against the paneled Motor City-painted walls creates a beautiful balance. With tones drawn from both walls in the decor around the room and added warmth from warm metallic accents, it’s an inviting space to eat and entertain.

More cool neutral dining room paint colors to try: Windy City and Seize the Gray

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