Get Inspired by This Relaxing Blue Bedroom Makeover

Unwind in blue-on-blue bliss.

Relaxing Blue Bedroom Makeover

When tasked with redesigning a bedroom for a busy Brooklyn couple, Alicia Hassen of  Brooklinteriors had one theme in mind: relaxation. “Both have hectic work schedules; one is actually a doctor and worked through the COVID-19 pandemic,” Hassen told Clare. “I wanted to create a sanctuary for them and give them a place to relax.” For Hassen, that meant a blue bedroom featuring Nairobi Blue — a fresh, light blue paint color that evokes cloudless skies and crystal clear waters. 

BEFORERelaxing Blue Bedroom Makeover

The intial bedroom design felt dull and dated. “They had all this dark furniture that really weighed down the room,” Hassen said. With that in mind, she planned out a series of strategic updates that would give the layout and blue bedroom color scheme a cohesive look and feel.

AFTERRelaxing Blue Bedroom Makeover

Brightening the space with blue bedroom walls

“Paint opens up so many design possibilities,” Hassen said of choosing to paint the bedroom in Nairobi Blue. “The wall color was a big focus — it’s restorative yet energetic. It really brightened up the room and transformed it into a calming space that you actually want to spend time in.”


Relaxing Blue Bedroom MakeoverIn addition to the blue bedroom walls, Hassen’s choice of furniture worked toward that end goal of lightening up the space. “I went with a natural wood for the new bed frame and got rid of the dresser because they have a walk-in closet, which really opened up the layout,” she explains. “I also added a beaded chandelier and two brass sconces to pick up on that warm wood and add additional light.”


Relaxing Blue Bedroom MakeoverAdding texture and warmth to a blue bedroom

Finishing touches like a sheepskin rug, mix-and-match throw pillows, and fresh linens added just the right touch of texture to the space. “I featured lighter pieces like the area rug, artwork, quilt, and sheets to create a nice contrast against the blue bedroom walls and comforter,” she explains. “I love layering materials and using a ton of pillows and blankets in bedrooms, almost like a hotel. It makes the space feel so luxurious and cozy.” 

BEFORERelaxing Blue Bedroom

AFTERRelaxing Blue Bedroom Makeover

Fortunately, the homeowners share in Hassen’s love of restorative design. “Even before the project was done, they came up to me and said, ‘It's so nice to be able to come home and enjoy a beautiful, relaxing bedroom.’ I loved being able to create that sanctuary for them.”


Relaxing Blue BedroomRelaxing Blue Bedroom MakeoverInterior designer Alicia Hassen of Brooklinteriors

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