Our Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best White Paint

A classic design dillemma, explained.

We've got expert tips to help you choose the best white paint color for your space. Plus, a roundup of the best-selling white paints everyone's loving!

Our Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best White Paint Timeless over trendy, white paint is a classic that will never fail your space. Simple, bright, and clean, a fresh coat of white paint can give a home a complete facelift—breathing life into even the darkest space. The only problem? Choosing the best white paint colors can be tricky because the options at the hardware store are endless. As a company founded by an interior designer, we’re here to make finding the perfect paint color easier so we’ve simplified the process by expertly curating the only white paint colors you need: the perfect warm whitethe perfect cool whitea clean, neutral white with no undertones, and a bonus – the most beautiful off-white paint color! Below, we're sharing everything you need to know to choose the perfect white paint color, every time, plus the fan-favorite shades of white everyone is loving!

The best white paint color Whipped, a beautiful warm white, shown here in a modern bedroom layered with texture.

Photo: @undecorated_home

Not all white paint colors are created equal

Yes, you read that right. Most white paints you see aren’t just white. They can range ever so slightly in temperature and depth and choosing the best white paint colors for your space can do wonders! Warm white paint colors are extremely versatile with a cozy vibe that looks great in any room, while cooler whites work beautifully in spaces accented with other cool hues such as blues and greens. A true, neutral white wall paint like Fresh Kicks is best for creating a crisp, gallery-like feel that helps bold colors and bright accents pop. If you aren’t sure what look is best for your space, you can never go wrong with a clean, true white.

"In love with this bright white! I am repurchasing and want to use it in all our rooms!" - Customer Far M. on Fresh Kicks

Fresh Kicks, a clean, true white paint color by Clare shown in this entryway is a fan favorite pick for best white paint color.

Existing colors in your space can guide you to the right choice

Because white paint can bounce color and light around in a room, the white paint you choose can take on a life of it’s own depending on what’s in and around your space. In a bright space with lots of light, you may find that the warm red brick from the house next door or the blue hue from your living room rug reflects in your room. Or maybe you already have furniture with warm wood tones and fabrics. Look for a white paint that complements the existing colors in your space.

Understanding the natural light in your space is key

Pay attention to how much sunlight a room gets, and the direction the light comes from. North-facing rooms tend to have cooler, less bright light so they often need a warmer white like our best-selling white paint, Whipped, for balance. Southern facing rooms get intense golden light so a cooler white like Snow Day can help neutralize the warm glow of southern light. If you’re painting east or west-facing rooms, just remember that the natural light changes throughout the day. Both east and west light is typically brighter in the morning and dimmer in the afternoon, and west-facing light takes on a more golden tone at dusk.

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Where you live matters

When choosing a white paint for walls, you’ll want to keep geography in mind too. If you live in a hot and sunny climate like Phoenix or Florida, a cool white wall paint will help cool down the warm light of your home. Whereas a cottage in New England might benefit from the coziness of warm or off-white paint colors. No desire for undertones? No problem! If you’re worried about a slight tint not jiving with your home décor, opt for a true white wall paint. It’s modern, clean, and will work perfectly no matter what your decor style.

How to Choose the Best White Paint Color Clare 3

Test colors before committing

Don’t forget to get a test swatch before you paint! We’ve made that part easy too with our mess-free, peel and stick Perfect Color Swatches. Observe how the color looks in both natural and artificial light as well as during the day and at night. It never hurts to sit with a color for a few days before committing. So choose wisely from our collection of the best white paint colors.

The only white paint colors you need

We could go on about how perfect our shades of white are, but instead, here’s what customers are saying:

Fresh Kicks

"It’s hard to find 'white' paint, so I was super pumped to get a swatch of Fresh Kicks and then cover my kitchen in it! Simple. Modern. Fresh. 🙌 " - Laura G

Think of your favorite white pair, straight out the box. That’s the feeling of this one. Fresh and modern, this is our cleanest, brightest white, with no undertones. *Fresh Kicks is a pure, untinted white and may require 2+ coats for optimal coverage.


"Whipped has just that bit of warmth that lifts the energy in the house a notch or two. We are very pleased!" - Leah

Dreamy and whisked-to-perfection, this is the warmest of our whites with a soft, delicate feel. Our best white for north-facing rooms but versatile enough to work in any space.

Snow Day

"Beautiful color! I was looking for a perfect white and I found it!" - Ivey M. (re: Snow Day)

Like a serene winter wonderland the morning after a first snowfall. This is our coolest white, with just a touch of warmth to liven it up.


"Timeless is the perfect color if you don’t want something too stark. It’s warm and inviting but still reads neutral. We painted basically our whole house in it and love it." - Claire F.

The off-white you’ve been searching for that no one’s ever managed to nail. (Until now.) With creamy undertones, this inviting shade envelops your space in warmth and reflects light beautifully.


"This is the best paint I have ever used! Picking the perfect white was so easy and stress-free! I can’t recommend Clare enough!" - Stephanie D


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