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5 Tips For Sampling Paint Colors

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Testing paint colors used to be a hassle, now it's not...

Sampling paint colors in your home is an essential step to making sure you'll love the paint color you choose. But up until now, the process for testing paint colors has always been a pain. You’ve probably been there before: Back and forth to the paint store, confused by a sea of paint chips, then back home to paint a Tetris-like series of swatches on your wall. You may even conduct a scientific-level Instagram Story poll for your friends to weigh in on which color to choose.

We know the struggle is real, so we've made it our mission to simplify the paint shopping experience. One of the ways we're doing that is by making the process of sampling paint colors easier than ever.

Enter the Perfect Color Swatch...

Our genius, Perfect Color Swatch let you sample our paint colors in an instant - just peel & stick! No more teeny tiny paint chips, way easier than messy sample pots, and you don’t have to spend your time literally watching paint dry. Our swatches are also far more accurate than the old school method of painting swatches over your existing color, so you can be certain that what you see is what you get. We like to call it pain-free, paint-free color sampling!

Even though we’ve made finding your perfect color a breeze, there are still some important things to consider when testing paint colors.

Here’s how to pick a color you’ll love…

paint swatch peeling

1. Be aware of the colors around your space.

The number one thing you should know is that color is like an optical illusion and color perception can be tricky. What looks good in one space, might look completely different in another, depending on the lighting, and what other colors are in the room. That’s because color is perceived in context.

For instance, a white living room overlooking a row of brick buildings may take on a reddish tint, while a master bedroom facing a pool is destined to look a little blue at some point during the day.

Look to find colors that compliment or balance out any contextual hues that may be in your space.

2. View your color at different times of day.

The amount of light in your space, and the direction it’s coming from can also impact the way color is perceived. Check out our tips on how to pick a color based on the direction of your light source here, and make sure you love your color both under daylight and in the evening when the sun is down and the artificial lights are on in your home.

3. Ensure a cohesive design scheme.

Before you stick your swatch onto your wall, hold it up alongside the furnishings and other decor elements in your space to make sure you like how they all jive together.

As a general rule of thumb, warmer colors (like beige or the warm white Whipped) are a good fit for more traditional styles; cooler colors (think: blues and greens) are worth considering if your style is more modern.

comparing swatches

4. Move it!

Move your paint swatches around (they’re designed to be repositioned and won't damage your walls!) to see which color resonates most and how each one will look both in the brightest and the dimmest parts of your rooms.

5. Trust your gut.

Ultimately, go with your gut. Color is all about creating a mood, and being thoughtful about how you want to feel when you come home each day.

Need help finding the perfect paint color?

Try Clare Color Genius! Answer a few simple questions to get a personalized paint color recommendation. It’s like having an interior design guide to help you find a paint color you'll love. Explore our perfect palette of 55 timeless colors here.

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