This Beige Bedroom Is Anything But Boring

Thanks to Turbinado and Like Buttah.

This Beige Bedroom Is Anything But Boring

When Clare Collective ambassadors Jordan and Barry of the Brownstone Boys decided it was finally time to update the ground floor apartment inside of their Brooklyn brownstone, their goal was to transform the cold, colorless space into a warm and cozy beige bedroom. “The last renovations were completed more than 10 years ago,” Jordan says. “Everything was white on white on white.”

With the permission of their friend Kimberly, who rents the space, the duo set out to revamp the room without breaking her trust or the bank. “The only rule she gave us was ‘no bold colors,’” Barry says. “She wanted the room to feel like a calming sanctuary.”

Once they settled on the right paint colors—Like Buttah and Turbinado—the pair employed a medley of DIY-friendly decor tricks to refresh the bedroom on a tight budget and schedule.“ It was a 24-hour transformation,” Jordan says of the project. “But Kimberly loves it so much, she promised not to leave for at least another five years.”

Interested in recreating a similar look at home? The duo breaks down their tips ahead. 

This beige bedroom is anything but boring thanks to a two-tone paint approach.

Think Outside the White Box

To energize the all-white bedroom, the pair painted three of the four walls—and the ceiling—a warm shade of buttery beige, Like Buttah in lieu of brighter colors. “We wanted a creamy, neutral tone that would help reflect the natural light from the room’s front-facing windows,” Jordan explains. “By painting the walls and the ceiling the same color, we also created the illusion of a larger space.”

Create a Low-Key Accent Wall

To give the room a dash of drama without straying from a neutral palette, they applied a fresh coat of Turbinado—a warm honey-hued shade of beige—on the wall behind the bed. “Even a neutral accent wall can supply plenty of oomph,” Barry says. “The darker shade of beige creates contrast, while providing a two-toned backdrop for the decor in the room.” 

Take Advantage of Trim Paint

Painting the ceilings the same hue as three of the walls wasn’t the only paint trick the duo had up their sleeves. “We painted each of the trims with the same color we used on the wall,” Barry says. “Ensuring there’s no contrast on an individual wall creates a continuation that makes the room feel taller than it really is.”

Richly-hued textiles are the perfect complement to beige bedroom walls.

Let the Textiles Do the Talking

Along with bringing warmth and texture to the beige bedroom, Barry says the pair relied on an array of richly hued textiles to bring depth and dimension to the palette. “The colorful rug anchors the room, while the sheer curtains—which are the same shade as the Turbinado wall—creates low-contrast visual interest without blocking out the natural light.” 

Be Strategic About Lighting

A little ambient lighting can go a long way when forging a cozy beige bedroom, which is why Jordan and Barry took care to incorporate new task lights into the scheme. “The only light fixture in the room was a flush mount, so we added sconces on either side of the bed,” Barry says. “This helps create a soft warm glow in the space once the sun sets, while providing plenty of bedside lighting.” 

This buttery beige bedroom makes use of soft lighting, like wall sconces, to achieve a soothing mood.

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