This Warm and Cozy Bedroom is Giving Us Serious Fall Feels

A dated space transformed into a soothing sanctuary with Like Buttah.

This Warm and Cozy Bedroom is Giving Us Serious Fall Feels

When Jess Oliver Baggett decided it was time to revamp the guest room in her family’s 1930’s home, she knew the first order of business would be brightening up the space with a fresh coat of paint. “The walls were scuffed up from artwork and I wanted a clean slate,” she says. “The goal was to create a calm and cozy bedroom to retreat to after a long day.”

To start, she painted the walls in Like Buttah, a warm shade of buttery beige, for a neutral backdrop. “I tend to switch out decor and textiles often, so I needed a color that could blend with anything that I brought in—but that wasn’t white,” Jess explains. “Like Buttah checked all the boxes.”

Once she settled on the right paint color, Jess employed an assortment of earth toned accents and highly touchable textures to bring warmth and feel-good energy to the space. Interested in scoring a similar look at home? Jess breaks down her tips.

Shop Your Own Home

Nothing feels more homey than a room filled with items you know and love, which is why Jess recommends furnishing your bedroom with pieces you already own. “I am a firm believer in using what you have,” she says. “Shopping my own home allows me to switch things up without spending money—especially since the fresh coat of Like Buttah made everything feel brand new again.”

Touchable Textures FTW

No cozy bedroom would be complete without an array of tactile textiles to cuddle up with. “I love to have a top sheet,duvet and cover, and a quilt all layered together with another blanket folded at the end,” Jess says. “Not to mention about six pillows to make my bed feel as much like a plush cloud as possible. I also love to have a rug under the bed to add to the cozy feeling and give myself a jumping off point for colors for my bedding.”

Layer Up

A little layering goes a long way when it comes to crafting a comfy space. “I feel like a home feels more lived in—and has more stories to tell—when there are layers of colors and patterns to add character and warmth,” Jess says. “I find it’s easier to mix patterns when they are in the same color family because it feels more intentional.”

Don’t Shy Away From Color

Along with brightening up a room, Jess says incorporating pops of color throughout a scheme brings depth and dimension to the palette. “Don’t be afraid of color,” she says. “Start by integrating a pillow or piece of art in your favorite hue, and over time add in other items in similar shades.”

Curb the Visual Clutter

A small space can go from snug to stuffy when overloaded with items, which is why Jess suggests keeping furniture and decor accent to a minimum. “We have a small 1930s home with very little storage, so we try to be as minimalist as possible about decorating,” she explains. “The bedroom dresser also doubles as my vanity, and I take advantage of underbed storage to utilize every inch of square footage.”


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