5 Hygge Decor Ideas to Cozy Up Your Home

These cozy decor ideas are the definition of Hygge Style

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The weather outside might be frightful, but the inside of your home could be so delightful. If colder temps and crummy weather make you want to hibernate, why not make the most out of it and bring the perfect balance of comfort and warmth into your home, Hygge style.

But first, what is the definition of Hygge?

Pronounced hoo-gah, this Danish word has no direct English translation but the concept is all about channeling a mood of cozy comfort and contentment at home. Think comfy by the fire in sweatpants with a cup of hot cocoa vibes. The trend is defined by minimalist style and the idea of enjoying the simple creature comforts of home that make us feel happy and content.

How to achieve hygge style at home

Winter is most certainly the best time of year to hunker down and practice the art of hygge. Since there’s nowhere else to be, you can really focus on getting through your DIY wish list and make your home feel extra cozy. Here are a few ways to incorporate hygge decor into your home and achieve that cozy, minimal Scandinavian style that we've come to know and love so much.

A cozy fireplace is the definition of how to embrace hygge style at home.

Photo: @teeenzy

1. Light a fire

There’s nothing like the balmy glow of a roaring fire to instantly cozy up your space. No fireplace? No problem. Try an artificial fireplace instead, or even simpler, lighting a candle in a warm, woody scent to create cozy, hygge-like ambiance.

2. Repaint your walls a warm neutral hue

Paint is the easiest way to update your space and during winter when hygge season is in full effect, it’s the perfect time to check that paint project off your list! To channel that true, hygge style, we suggest a warm neutral paint color like Timeless, On Point or our perfect warm white, Whipped. A versatile neutral palette will make your space feel cozy all winter, but also inviting all year round. And with subtle warm undertones, they’ll help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and well-being.

On Point - a light beige - greige paint color by Clare

On Point

So on point it does double duty. This color looks brighter with the help of clean, natural light, and appears more medium hued in darker spaces.

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A bedroom featuring cozy hygge decor. 5 Hygge Decor Ideas to Cozy Up Your Home
Goodnight Moon - a dark navy blue paint color by Clare
Goodnight Moon

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Photo: @sophie_jaffe

3. Add Texture

Cozy home decor 101—layer in as much texture as you can. One of the easiest and most inexpensive hygge decorating ideas is to swap in textured throw pillows, soft, throw blankets, layered rugs and mixed materials like leather and wood to bring added warmth, texture and interest to your space. There’s nothing better than having cozy, tactile materials throughout your home that look ready for you to curl up and take a nap on.

4. Get organized and declutter

Hygge style embraces scandanavian simplicity so an easy way to channel the hygge spirit is to declutter your home to create a serene space that inspires calm and comfort. Get rid of things you no longer need, reorganize that junk drawer or purge your closet and drop off those extra clothes at a donation center. Having less stuff taking up both physical and mental space makes it way easier to relax. Maybe the least flashy hygge decor idea, but you’ll be surprised how happy the sight of a completely organized closet, pantry, or drawer will make you.

5 ways to cozy up your home, Hygge Style
Snow Day - a cool white paint color by Clare
Snow Day

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Photo: @undecorated_home

5. Bring the outdoors in

There’s something about houseplants that immediately make a space feel more lived in. Not only do plants add a natural beauty that immediately helps elevate your decor, they also bring a much-needed touch of color and life to every room they’re placed in.

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