Painting baseboards the perfect shade of white trim paint - Whipped by Clare. Check out this ultimate guide for choosing the best white paint for your trim.

Painting your trim white? These are the best white trim paint colors

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Molding and trim in a room are like the accessories on the perfect outfit. They enhance and elevate the space—making every room feel more luxe—there’s a reason crown molding is such a big real estate selling point. Here at Clare, we know that a great paint job goes beyond the color on the wall. It’s all about making a space feel unified and finished, that’s why we’ve curated a selection of the best white paints for trim. But before you choose your shade, here are some of our best tips on choosing the right white trim paint for your space.

Window frame & baseboard painted in Whipped by Clare, the perfect warm white. Check out this expert guide to choosing the best white trim paint for your space.
Timeless - a warm off-white paint color by Clare

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Image by Sincerely, Sara D. using Timeless Trim Paint

Why paint your trim white?

White trim paint is timeless, and while changing a wall color is pretty simple, painting trim can be a little more challenging. The narrower shapes of window casings and baseboards takes a steady hand, painter’s tape for crisp lines, or skill at cutting in from the wall and ceiling. Even though a monochromatic look, where the trim and walls match one another is having a moment; white trim paint has a classic appeal that will stand the test of time.

What’s the best white paint for trim?

We’ve curated a designer-approved selection of the only shades of white paint you’ll ever need for your trim.

Whipped is our best-selling color for both trim and walls and there’s a reason it’s a fan favorite. This shade of white has a soft warmth that makes always feel inviting but doesn’t read too yellow.

Fresh Kicks is a clean and bright with no undertones and a true white like this one will look good paired with clean, bright colors. For a modern monochrome look, try painting both your walls and trim in this fresh, clean shade of white!

Timeless, a true off-white with a warm, creamy undertones, earned its name for a reason and has serious staying power. It’s the perfect pick for a more traditional space and plays nice with other warm tones.

Snow Day is our coolest white and looks lovely with cooler wall colors such as cool grays, blues or greens.

"I ordered Whipped to do the trim in our basement and it is a wonderful warm white, just as promised! No noticeable odor either!" - Sarah M.

Tips for choosing the perfect white trim paint

Stick with colors of the same temperature

You want to keep color temperature in mind again when choosing a white trim paint. A warm white is a perpetual favorite that’s versatile and inviting but is also the best choice to pair with other warm hues like reds, oranges or warm neutrals. A cool white will look great with cooler colors like blues and greens. A clean, neutral white will have a fresh, modern look that pairs well with pretty much any color. Just like you would any other color, test your trim paint to make sure you love it in your space and that it looks good with your walls.

Finish is important

Semi-gloss is the best finish for trim because it’s not only because it’s easier to clean and more durable, but it also helps to reflect the light in a room, creating a subtle contrast that allows your trims to pop against your walls. In rooms with bold colors or deep saturated hues white trim offers a place for the eye to rest. Keeping a white trim color consistent throughout a home will help to unify the space too, connecting each room even if there are differences in wall color.

If you want to do white on white

The tone on tone look makes choosing a white trim paint simple. Our four white trim colors, Fresh Kicks, Snow Day, Whipped, and Timeless all look great when they’re paired with wall paint in the same hue. You can never go wrong with this monochromatic look.

When it comes to choosing the right trim paint to pair with your walls, as always, look at the two colors next to one another to see what feels right for your space—that’s always a surefire way to make sure you'll love the end result.

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