In This Bedroom, Clever Pops of Color Make All the Difference

Wing It and Avocado Toast are the ultimate power couple.

In This Bedroom, Clever Pops of Color Make All the Difference

When decorating a youthful bedroom, a bright palette with pops of color is often a no-brainer. Problem is, since a kid’s hobbies and favorite shades can change in the blink of an eye, it can be challenging to create a space that adapts to their ever-evolving taste. “[My daughter] Em was very into Disney’s Descendents when we painted her room two years ago,” explains Ruthie Jackson, interior designer and founder of Miracle on Thirty Fourth. “She insisted on a dark purple, loved it for two weeks, and then secretly loathed it.”

Eager to put any animosity at bay, Ruthie future-proofed her daughter’s “cottagecore” makeover. “Em and I had a bunch of conversations about what she liked and didn't [like] about her current room,” she explains. “She wanted it brighter and lighter; she was influenced by her older cousin.” The twosome decided to stick with a neutral palette and strategically add pops of color throughout the space—using Clare’s Wing It and Avocado Toast on the ceiling and trim, respectively. Finished with some classic (and changeable!) touches, the final result is simultaneously youthful and versatile enough to grow up as her daughter does.

Get Smart with Decor that’s Easy to Swap Out

Since longevity was the key to this room, Ruthie was eyeing a wallpaper that not only can withstand the test of time, but can also fit in with the rest of her Des Moines home. “It's decorated in a modern traditional style, with a sense of humor.” The room’s blue and white repeat wallpaper can be dressed up or down, but it’s also peel-and-stick, which means Ruthie can swap it out at a moment’s notice. She said: “I like that it's easier to wipe down than traditional paper—and quick removal once she’s going through her teen, goth stage!”

Add a Fun Pop of Color with Trim

Ruthie admits a white or blue trim might’ve been more fitting with the wallpaper’s repeat, but she didn’t want her daughter’s room to be too mature. “Em and I decided on green trim once we picked the wallpaper,” she explains. “She’s 10 years old and green felt more youthful.” While Ruthie initially selected a different green, her children literally campaigned for Clare’s Avocado Toast. A ripe medium green—just like your guac—Avocado Toast is fun, energetic and adds a pop of color without overwhelming the room. How could Ruthie refuse? “It turned out so cheery, and I'm glad I listened,” she adds. “The green trim is her favorite element, besides her giant bean bag.”

Create Contrast with Ceiling Paint

To balance out the Avocado Toast that lined the room, Ruthie covered the ceiling in Clare’s Wing It. The barely-there blush acts as a complementary color to green—allowing both hues to shine. “I adore a pink and green combo,” she remarks. “It reminds me of peonies.” Bonus points: The blush ceiling draws the eye upward. Ruthie shares that she’s never painted the ceilings in her home so if she was going to take on the task, it had to be fun. “The ceiling is less overwhelming visually than fully painted walls,” she adds.

Double Down with Decor

Strategic pops of color aren’t a one-and-done deal: In this room, Ruthie sprinkled the hues throughout. (A pink bed frame here. A green bean bag chair—her daughter’s favorite—there.) The result? A bedroom that has the perfect touch of childhood whimsy. But, of course, when the time comes for a change, Ruthie will be ready.


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