Excuse Us While We Geek Out Over Trending Paint Colors for 2023

We’ve been crunching the numbers over here

A preview of some of the top trending paint colors for 2023.

Picture it. After rounds and rounds of swatch tests, you’ve finally decided on a paint color, bought the supplies, put in hours of rolling and brushing and perfecting every last detail—are you really going to switch things up all of a sudden because a new “color of the year” just dropped? 

Secret’s out: Paint color trends don’t really work that way. People tend to be choosier, committing to hues they’ll want to keep around long-term. Being paint perfectionists ourselves, we totally get it—and that’s why we want to give you the real talk about trending paint colors for 2023, based on our closely-watched sales data. 

Eager to join us on our deep dive? Read on.

Long Live Neutrals

Like Buttah, a warm buttery beige, is one of our top trending paint colors for 2023.


Neutrals, but make them inviting. Neutrals are always top picks, but our sales numbers show that you all have been feeling versatile shades that err on the warmer side rather than cool. Case in point: one of our newest hues, Like Buttah—an aptly named buttery beige—grew in popularity faster than any of our other colors to date. It’s a soothing option for spaces where you like to wind down, like a bedroom or bathroom.

Whipped, an airy white shade, is sure to be one of the top paint colors for 2023.


Another long-time go-to is Whipped, a delicate, airy white. Try it in high-trafficked areas like the living room, or for furniture pieces that could use a refresh.

(Still) Going Green

Green hues are some of the top paint colors for 2023. Current Mood is an ultimate favorite.


Greens have been steadily popping to the top of our lists over the last three years, and they aren’t showing any signs of stopping. Current Mood, our intense, alluring green, continues to be a fan fave—and we love that you’re here for the drama. Dirty Martini, a cloudy olive green, has risen up the ranks as well. 

Dirty Martini, a cloudy olive green has rightfully earned its place in our top paint colors for 2023.


If you’ve been flirting with the idea of going for a bold color, start with green. It makes a big impact, especially in small spaces like home offices or powder rooms. We predict that greens will still have plenty of staying power in the world of paint colors for 2023, so you’ll be right on trend.

Something Blue

So bright, so fresh - it's easy to see why Headspace is one of the best paint colors for 2023.


Another top color family when it comes to experimentation? Blues. On the lighter end of the spectrum, our airy Headspace shade wins out. Use it as a cheery option for a nursery, or for a bright, open dining room. 

Looking for trending paint colors for 2023? Check out our deep navy blue, Goodnight Moon.


There’s been plenty of love for our midnight blue, Goodnight Moon, too—a serene shade basically made for a peaceful bedroom.

Welcome to the Dark Side

New takes on neutrals will be some of the top paint colors for 2023, like our almost-black, Blackish.


The real trendsetters for 2023? Deep, moody hues that still feel versatile, like navy and black. Blackish, our almost-black shade, is a prime example of this new take on neutrals that we’ve seen gaining traction. Try them anywhere you’d put a more “typical” neutral—living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms—we bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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