The Trending Paint Colors for 2022

From moody greens to timeless shades of beige.

The Trending Paint Colors for 2022

With a new year and comes a fresh crop of color of the year predictions that may or may not be embraced by design lovers. Instead of suggesting that one single shade will be all the rage in 2022, we comb through our sales data and customer feedback to determine which paint colors for 2022 are truly trending. 

After poring over our 2021 order and website engagement data, it became clear that shoppers are in the mood for soothing hues that don’t skimp on personality. From rich moody greens to warm sandy beiges and beyond, here are the paint colors for 2022 that will be popping up all over the place— and how to use them at home.

Greens Will Reign Supreme

Trending Paint Colors for 2022 | Clare Paint

Make no mistake about it: Green will be everywhere in 2022. Whether a deep, moody green with cool undertones (like our top-selling Current Mood) or a calming shade of sage (like the ever-popular Money Moves), design aficionados are counting on earthy green paint colors to usher some serene, nature-inspired vibes into their bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices.

Trending paint colors for 2022 | Current Mood by Clare PaintA fresh coat of Current Mood brightens up a stuffy room with a rich splash of greenery. Photo: revampnyc

Inspired by these trends, we unveiled a vibrant mossy green hue named Daily Greens in 2021 that quickly became a fan favorite. Our customers also turned to softer shades of green, including minty fresh Two Scoops and cloudy, olive-colored Dirty Martini to reinvigorate high-traffic rooms without disrupting a peaceful, earth-toned palette. 

Trending paint colors for 2022 | Dirty Martini by Clare PaintA deep green Current Mood-colored ceiling plays up the cool undertones of this olive-hued dining room painted in Dirty Martini. Photo: @leighandcointeriors

Beige is All the Rage

Trending paint colors for 2022 | No Filter by Clare Paint

Warmer shades of beige surpassed cooler toned grays in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Not only do neutral hues complement a variety of colors and aesthetic styles, light beiges with warm undertones like Neutral Territory and No Filter play beautifully with natural light to create a cozy, atmospheric feel in just about any area of a home. 

Trending paint colors for 2022 | No Filter by Clare PaintBring warmth to a white-walled kitchen without disrupting a neutral palette by swathing your cabinets in soft shade of beige (No Filter). Photo: @shelbygirard

No surprise then that all of our true shades of beige, including the aforementioned hues and Turbinado, experienced a major boost in sales last year. It’s clear that customers are looking for sophisticated neutrals to set a comforting tone in primary rooms throughout the year to come. 

Cheerful Yellows to the Rescue

Trending paint colors for 2022 | Good as Gold by Clare Paint

You can always count on a characterful shade of yellow to instantly lift your spirits. For the second year in a row, paint enthusiasts looked to warm yellow hues to brighten up their moods and spaces while safely hunkering down at home. You can count on sunny shades of yellow to remain a trending paint color for 2022.

Trending paint colors for 2022 | Golden Hour by Clare PaintWhether on the walls, sink or cabinetry, a crisp coat of sunny yellow Golden Hour will reinvigorate a dated kitchen—no contractor necessary. Photo: @youarehere_design

While our best-selling shade of yellow, the rich, sunset-colored Golden Hour, continued to capture customers’ imaginations in 2021, the latest addition to the color family, a muted mustard named Good as Gold, was also a fan favorite for kitchens and kids’ rooms. Employ one of these uplifting yellows in a home office to help spark creativity, or in a foyer or dining room to give your guests something to smile about, or even to give your kitchen cabinets a cheerful refresh. 

Shades of White are Still #1

Perennially popular and effortlessly chic, classic white remains the go-to shade for dwellers looking to freshen up their living spaces. Whether you want to transform your bedroom into a serene sanctuary or open up a pint-sized powder room, warm whites, including our all-time bestselling paint color Whipped, will work wonders in any type of interior. 

Trending paint colors for 2022 | Whipped by Clare PaintBalance out the cold light in a north-facing dining room with a warm shade of creamy Whipped paint. Photo: @chalkwhitearrow

For a crisp shade of cool white that will envelop a room without looking stark, consider swathing the walls of your living room in Snow Day, our second most popular shade of the year. Or, try Fresh Kicks, a true, bright white with no undertones, to create an airy ethereal atmosphere in any size or style of room. 


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