Go Bold With These 5 Eye-Catching Ideas For a Small Bathroom Remodel

Bonus: they're all DIY-friendly.

Small Bathroom Remodel

When Camille Lai decided it was time to give the guest bathroom in her 1960s bungalow-style Florida home a major remodel, the first order of business would be modernizing the space. “All the ‘bones’ of the bathroom were very dated, including the tile and the tub,” she says. “We had already completed some minor updates, such as the vanity fixture and toilet bowl, but even those were starting to look dated.”

After checking off some impactful ideas for a small bathroom remodel — replacing the floors, installing new plumbing and fixtures and adding beadboard paneling to the walls — Camille used our mysterious, moody green paint color, Current Mood, to transform the guest bathroom into a sleek but spirited space. “I wanted this tiny bathroom to be full of personality,” she explains. “Bold and moody and a little bit wild!”


Best Paint Colors for a Small BathroomsCurious how you can create a colorful and contemporary look in your own small bathroom? We tapped Camille for some dramatic remodel and decor ideas, and we’re sharing them all here. Keep reading to discover her inspiring ideas for a small bathroom remodel.

1. Employ a bold color palette.

A little color can go a long way in a small, outdated bathroom, which is why Camille painted the walls of the guest bath in a rich, moody shade of green that helped brighten the space while playing up the wall paneling. “Current Mood instantly elevated our small bathroom and makes it memorable,” she explains. “Before it was dated and boring, now it’s modern and unique.”



Best Colors for a Small Bathroom2. Idea for a small bathroom remodel: mix modern and vintage-inspired elements.

Once the walls were painted, Camille used both modern and vintage decor elements, including contemporary sink and light fixtures and antique-inspired accessories, to create a carefully-layered look inside the guest bathroom. “The key for me is balance,” she explains. “This means incorporating mostly modern elements, and then sprinkling the space with a few vintage pieces for a curated, one-of-a-kind look and feel.”



Small Bathroom Remodel3. Integrate interesting lines and shapes.

By incorporating decor elements with eye-catching shapes and linework, such as hexagonal black-white-and-gray floor tiles and vertically installed white subway tiles, Camille was able to infuse a dash of graphic drama into the bathroom without overpowering the small space. “Mixing lines and shapes are a great way to offer interest and personality to a bathroom,” she says. “The beadboard is a nod to vintage and the vertical shower tile is a nod to modern.”

4. Enhance the space with eye-catching finishes.

To help create visual interest and highlight the linework in the bathroom, Camille added black and gold decor accents throughout the space, including black-finished shower fixtures and vanity faucets, as well as a gold-trimmed mirror and wall sconces. “I love mixing black and gold,” she says.” I tend to lean towards black for a modern element, and then add shots of gold for variation and interest.”



Small Bathroom Remodel5. Draw everything together with a statement piece.

To balance out the bold wall color, interesting linework and the mix of vintage and modern decor in the bathroom, Camille employed a stunning mid-century modern vanity with a slatted front to draw all of the different elements together. “The wild card for this project was the wooden vanity,” she says. “It's the perfect balance between modern and vintage.”



Bold Bathroom RemodelThe home decor lover and savvy DIYer behind this extreme reno, Camille Lai of @houseof.lais.

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