Painting bathroom cabinets is an easy way to change the look of your space — even in the span of a weekend. This bathroom features Seize the Gray and Greige by Clare.

How Painting Bathroom Cabinets Can Transform Your Space in a Weekend

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If you’re feeling a little blah about your bathroom but aren’t ready to commit to an entire overhaul, here’s an easy way to refresh the look of the entire space—repaint your bathroom vanity. Since the vanity is one of the largest and most prominent elements in the average bathroom, a fresh coat of paint can be an easy way to impact the overall feel of the room with minimal work.

Painting bathroom cabinets is easy and affordable. This DIY paint project can be completed in the span of a weekend — perfect for a quick bathroom makeover.
Greige - a medium gray - beige - greige paint color by Clare


The perfect mix of gray and beige combined to create this extremely versatile neutral with a warm, cozy medium hue that looks great in any room.

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Painting bathroom cabinets is much easier than you think especially if you’re working with high quality paint. Don’t believe us; then take a look at these bathroom makeovers from Deema at Pretty On Fridays. Done in the span of a weekend, she gave her kid and main bathrooms a whole new look with a few of our most popular paint colors. Here’s how to get started, including several A+ paint color ideas to try if navy and gray aren’t your style:

This nautical bathroom is truly stunning. It features a painted bathroom vanity using Clare's navy blue paint in Goodnight Moon, and DIY faux subway tile backsplash.
Goodnight Moon - a dark navy blue paint color by Clare
Goodnight Moon

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Start with good bones

Make sure you like the shape of the vanity and the look of the hardware. In the kid’s bathroom, a simple builder-grade vanity looks decidedly more luxe with a coat of our deepest blue, Goodnight Moon. To start, Deema lightly sanded the entire surface, wiped it down to remove dust, and then painted it. “I went with Goodnight Moon because I have a slightly nautical theme going on in the kid’s bathroom,” Deema says. “I also spray painted the hardware a beautiful gold, which really popped against the navy blue bathroom vanity.”

This gorgeous navy blue painted bathroom vanity features Clare's Goodnight Moon paint. Paired with faux sharpie subway tile, this bathroom makeover was complete.

Painting bathroom cabinets requires the right tools

When you’re painting a piece of furniture you absolutely want to avoid visible brushstrokes. The key is using a paint that creates a seamless finish—and the right painting supplies. Deema used a microfiber roller cover and a smaller angled brush to get into the crevices; the smaller nap on the roller and the angle of the brush ensured that she wasn’t depositing too much excess paint on the surface. When painting a cabinet door, roll the entire length of the door or surface without stopping halfway to ensure that you get a smooth, even coat. Our self-leveling paint helped make this easy. The paint levels out on the surface as it’s drying, so it’s more forgiving.

7 piece paint kit - paint tools and supplies by Clare

7-Piece Paint Kit

Our 7-Piece Paint Kit has all the tools you’ll need to prep and tackle your paint project like a pro. Each kit includes our Plastic Drop Cloth and Painter's Washi Tape plus our 2” Paint Brush, 9” Roller Frame, 9” Roller Cover, 9” Metal Tray, and 9” Tray Liner.

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This grey painted bathroom cabinets are complemented by faux tile backsplash — all using paint! The paint colors are Greige and Seize the Gray by Clare.
Greige - a medium gray - beige - greige paint color by Clare

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Find the perfect color

In the main bathroom it turned out a lighter color worked better for the rustic, weathered vibe Deema was going for. Using the same prep and painting techniques, she painted the bathroom vanity Greige. A beautiful gray and beige hybrid, the color complemented the vanity top flawlessly. (Pro tip: Be sure to consider the color of the stone or laminate when you’re refinishing the base.) To make the hardware pop, she spray painted it jetblack.

From far away, you might never notice this bathroom makeover features faux tile backsplash — all created with a sponge! This easy and cheap DIY project is seriously impressive.
Seize The Gray - a light gray paint color by Clare
Seize The Gray

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Don’t forget about the backsplash

A bathroom makeover isn’t complete without a little upgrade to the backsplash. In the main bathroom Deema got extra creative and decided to do a faux brick pattern using a simple kitchen sponge! “I used a slightly different neutral gray paint for the backsplash, Seize the Gray, and then dipped the sponge in the paint and lightly pressed it against the wall. The key is to make sure there isn’t too much paint on it to start and not dip it for each application,” she explains. “Dipping it after a few applications gives it a less uniform look that I love. You’ll also want to keep a wet paper towel and a q-tip on hand to deal with any runs or mistakes.” She also eyeballed the whole pattern—pretty impressive.

Thinking about painting a bathroom vanity? One blogger shows us exactly how she executed an amazing bathroom makeover using Seize the Gray and Greige by Clare.

So don’t wait! If you’re feeling blah about your bathroom vanity, just add paint! If the colors here weren’t what you’re looking for, we’ve got a few more statement-making hues in our collection that are perfect for painting a bathroom vanity. Looking for a darker, moodier color? We suggest Irony, Current Mood, or Blackish. If a pop of color is more your style, these sunnier hues might help: Headspace, Rosé Season, Matcha Latte, or Golden Hour.

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