How Peel and Stick Molding and a Bold New Hue Transformed This Guest Room

From brown on brown to pink perfection.

Peel and Stick Molding

Decorating a space isn’t forever…design trends come and go, plus, over time your design sensibilities grow. So don’t be afraid to change it up when you’re feeling less than inspired.  Erika from Peony+Honey decided to roll up her sleeves and transform her guest room from a more rustic, neutral farmhouse style (think Fixer Upper) to a modern, bright take on Beverly Hills Hotel chic. Pairing peel and stick molding with a bold pink paint color, she completely changed the look of the room without even picking up a power tool. 

BEFOREPeel and Stick Molding

AFTERPeel and Stick Molding

“My home decor style has evolved over the last few years. When you’re a home blogger for so long you can really see your styles change. But lately, I feel like I’m really coming into my own style and have felt very inspired,” says Erika. “Our guest room was the one room that felt out of place, it was very rustic looking and didn’t match the vibe of the rest of the house.” Since her parents come and stay often, Erika wanted a beautiful room for them to stay in—one that was so pretty it would discourage them from feeling like they needed to get a room at a local hotel. 

Upgrading the accent wall with peel and stick molding

Peel and Stick MoldingShe started with revamping the accent wall; originally it was done in a stick-on wood finish, so Erika stripped the wall of the paneling and removed the sticky residue. “I wanted to add a more sophisticated architectural detail but definitely don’t have the chops to use power tools, so I found a beautiful peel and stick molding set with pre-cut panel sizes and we ordered it. Once it arrived, it had all the instructions we needed to install the molding ourselves. Once we were done, we sealed the edges with caulk,” she says. To finish the wall and highlight the new DIY molding, it got a fresh coat of Rosé Season, a tropical pink paint that pops but doesn’t feel too sweet. “I loved how much dimension this color has and how it complemented the room theme—a sort of fifties, California-hotel vibe!”


Peel and Stick MoldingGetting creative with affordable DIYs

When it came time to pair decor with this beautiful statement wall, Erika employed some clever DIY tricks that saved her a lot of extra money and sweat equity. Instead of hardwiring the sconces, she placed remote controlled puck lights inside the shade globe and installed the sconces on the wall. At under $100 each, the nightstands were a bargain too. She enhanced the simple shape by adding ceiling medallions at the base of each knob and upgraded the basic hardware with stylish brushed brass accents.


Bedroom DIYsEasy Bedroom DIYsEasy Bedroom DIYsFinishing the room with a monochrome makeover

To finish the room, Erika painted the remaining walls in a soft, barely-there pink called Wing It. “I didn’t want the color to read little girl pink, and Wing It had all the sophistication I needed,” she says. A simple IKEA dresser got a makeover too. Erika painted halved foam dowels, cut them to size, and glued them to the front of the dresser drawers. Then she finished in a coat of Wing It. “Since the room was so small, I didn’t want the dresser to feel like it was taking up too much space. Painting it the same color as the wall that’s behind it helped it recede right into the space.” Finished with a few bold palm tree prints and a bright bouquet of tropical flowers, this room will have guests checking their zip code to make sure they’re not in California.


Easy Bedroom DIYsThanks to Erika’s ingenuity this guest room feels like a charming oasis…the only problem might be guests expecting room service


Easy Bedroom DIYs
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