5 Inviting Fall Spaces That Will Inspire Tons of Cozy Home Ideas

You can never have too many throw pillows.

cozy home ideas

Each season ushers in subtle decor changes that reflect both the weather and the upcoming holidays. Come fall, the name of the game is cozy. From warm paint colors to plush throw blankets, cinnamon-scented candles and seasonal garland, fall is all about creating a nesting space for the colder months ahead. If you’re stumped on how to update your space for the season, consider the below cozy homes designed by Clare customers. From festive yet modern paint colors like Current Mood to plenty of seasonal greenery, these homes are brimming with easy and affordable fall decorating ideas.

Cozy home ideas

Lean into the season with a moody green

Take notes from this homeowner and add a lick of moody green paint to your space for a slightly festive touch. She uses our greige paint color, Classic, on her bedroom walls and a vibrant dose of Current Mood on her nightstand and opposing wall. Coupled with rattan accents, warm linen bedding, and decorative evergreen branches, the look is festive yet modern.

Cozy home ideas

Warm up a space with throw pillows & blankets

This guest bedroom is proof that a classic white paint can still be cozy. The homeowner uses a coat of cool Snow Day on the walls, plus plenty of layered blankets and moody throw pillows to warm up the space and prepare for frigid winter weather. Coupled with the rattan lamps, thick beige curtains, and a patterned rug, the space feels perfectly cozy and primed for the cooler temps.

Cozy home decor ideas

Create a cozy corner with rich hues and fuzzy textiles

There’s no better time to lean into deep, moody colors than the fall and winter months. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, take notes from this color-obsessed blogger, who went with a coat of bold Deep Dive on her bedroom walls. This dark blue-green paint color instantly adds depth to a space without having to layer on the excess throw pillows, blankets, and decor. A few key accents are all you need.

Cozy home decor

Add texture with rattan & pampas grass

There’s no better time to refresh your entryway than the holiday season. With guests traipsing in and out from Halloween through New Year’s Eve, why not refresh the space with a fresh coat of paint? This homeowner went with our warmest white, Whipped, plus plenty of pampas grass, rattan accents, and layered textiles. The finished product is perfectly warm and welcoming.

Cozy bathroom design

Try deep-toned neutrals for an inviting, cozy home

Bathrooms could use a seasonal refresh, too! This design blogger recently gave this powder room a seasonal facelift with our deep gray, Irony, and the resulting look has “fall” written all over it. Coupled with the vintage-inspired wallpaper and lavender sprigs, the space makes spending time indoors feel warm and inviting.

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