7 Eye-catching paint colors for trim that aren’t white

Think outside of the box. // It's all about the details.

Eye Catching Paint Colors For Trim

It’s not really a rule per se, but many homes lean on the traditional combination of a white ceiling paired with white trim. Sure, white is a classic choice for trims like baseboards, mouldings, doors or window frames, but why not think outside the (white) box and make a statement with your trim color? Using the same paint colors for trim that you use on the wall can create a jewel box-like effect in your room, or pair a bold trim color with an ornate wallpaper or a contrasting wall color to really make it pop. The possibilities are endless. If you like being adventurous with color, here are some daring interior trim color ideas that will totally elevate your space:


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Black and white is a pretty unbeatable combination—so when you’re faced with a sea of brown wood trim, try painting your trim Blackest: for a modern look. Especially when paired with white walls, black trim paint can feel like a breath of fresh air. The contrast it creates can highlight unique molding or make old, beat-up wood doors look even better. Plus, it’s a popular paint color for trim that’s versatile enough to go with everything.


Eye Catching Paint Colors For TrimDirty Chai

A warm brown like Dirty Chai feels very at home with its other neutrals like dark gray, white, and greige. Rich and luxe, this paint color for trim creates a depth to your woodwork. Ideal in a room with plenty of natural light, you’ll love how cozy your space feels with this accent color.


Not for the faint of heart, Vacay:is a vibrant, Caribbean blue-green color that feels playful and bold. Paired with a vivid printed wallpaper, it’s the perfect pop of color to finish off a tiny powder room. This color helps unify a busy print while also forcing its complementary color matches to shine.


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Irony:, a dark gray, brings the drama to any space without going as dark as black. If you’re updating, old, mismatched wood detailing in a home, this paint can act as a unifying force. The slight sheen of our semi-gloss Trim Paint highlights all of the little details that could be lost otherwise.


Colors for TrimGreige

Greige:- the perfect mix between gray and beige offers a warmth to trim that you can’t get from a white paint. Consider greige a nod to the beige trend, but still updated and versatile. It looks beautiful on complex woodwork, wood paneling, or any wood detail with shape and character.

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon: offers a very editorial look and this deep and dazzling navy looks great when it flows from the walls right to the trim. In a room that’s flooded with natural light, it will keep molding and millwork looking uniform but still interesting. Don’t be afraid to use a deep blue trim paint color like this, when it’s this dark it’s incredibly versatile, acting almost like a neutral with other colors.



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Nothing looks more dreamy than monochrome walls and trim done Headspace: – a dynamic color. This soft, airy blue-green hue offers a sense of calm in any space and the monochrome look draws the eye upward making ceilings appear higher.


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