An Unexpected Periwinkle Makes the Perfect Color for This Bathroom

See how one couple made a happy color compromise with Wink.

Wink, a muted periwinkle from Clare, made the perfect color for this vintage-inspired bathroom.

What does every color–curious homeowner want for Valentine’s Day? A bold color for the bathroom, of course—or at least that’s what happened when Clare Collective ambassadors Jordan Slocum and Barry Bordelon put the finishing touches on their Brooklyn-based brownstone. When the couple purchased their Bed–Stuy home in 2018—and launched their blog, Brownstone Boys, which has since turned into a full-time design and renovation business—they wanted to update their home without erasing the building’s gorgeous, handcrafted detailing. 

During their renovation, Jordan and Barry turned a small spare bedroom into a second bathroom that was inspired by a bar in Brooklyn Heights the couple frequents. But, after a few years living with the all-white bathroom, Jordan was craving a pop of pigment. Problem was, the couple had very different color philosophies.


Before landing on the perfect color for this bathroom, it was feeling a little stark and plain.

“B​​arry is very scared of color and I am the color freak,” Jordan laughs. “I love bold colors: Bright blue, pink, or purple have my name on them. Barry likes muted white grays, so he’s very comfortable with that.”


After choosing Wink from Clare as the color for their bathroom, this space got a major glow up.

Fortunately, Jordan found the perfect solution with Wink, Clare’s muted periwinkle. “It came into fruition during Valentine’s Day,” Jordan explains. “I said, ‘Barry, please let me paint this’—he really compromised and allowed me to do it. He actually really loved it.” With a few vintage touches—including a custom wash closet door that makes a grand entrance—Jordan and Barry’s bathroom has that perfect mix of old-school charm and updated modernity. As their gift to you, the duo is breaking down how to get the look in your own space.

Choose a Bold Color for Your Bathroom

Whether you consider yourself color-adverse or are living with someone who is, opting for a bold color in the bathroom might seem a tad risky, but Jordan says it’s the perfect opportunity to “get something that scares you.” Fortunately, Wink’s periwinkle-meets-gray tinge was scary enough to satisfy both parties. But before you bust out that primer, live with your sample for a few days. “We looked at it [during] different times of day,” Jordan shares. “We were worried that purple was going to be too bright in the morning, but it really wasn't because of Wink’s gray undertones.” (Shameless self-promotion: Our peel-and-stick samples make it easy to test out your color before you buy a full gallon.)

Keep Accent Colors Simple

The Brownstone Boys chose Wink from Clare as the color for their charming bathroom.

For the color-conscious, applying a fresh coat of something unapologetically bold can feel like you’re entering foreign terrain. In their second bathroom, Jordan and Barry stuck to classic black and white details: High-contrast mosaic tiles on the floor, white subway tiles that cover the bottom half of their walls, and a vintage bathtub are just a few highlights. That way, Wink delivers the perfect pop of pigment without dictating the rest of the room. “It not only plays into that classic black and white, but it also kind of warms up the space more against the wood of the window casing,” Jordan says. 

Cover Your Ceiling

Whether you’re starting the day with your skincare routine or taking a luxurious bath at the end of the day, the bathroom should serve as a visual exhale. To create the ultimate cozy place to kick back and relax, Jordan and Barry decided to paint their ceiling Wink, too. Though the couple initially wanted to leave the ceiling white, they quickly realized that going the extra mile (or, well, a few feet) helped bring their vision to life. “We wanted this space to be almost like a sanctuary and kind of disconnect us from the madness in the world, if you will,” Jordan shares.  “Bringing the paint into the ceiling really helped the whole space warm up, becoming truly like a small oasis.”

Add Old-School Touches

Old-school touches and a fun color for this bathroom make it memorable space.

ICYMI, details are the key to striking that perfect balance between old and new. In addition to a vintage tub and delightfully retro mosaic tiles, Jordan and Barry added a classic wash closet door that they saw at a bar during one of their very first dates. “We saw this gorgeous old dental office door as their bathroom,” Jordan recalls. “We both agreed that we [would] want it in our future home.” In fact, Jordan says their verdant door provided the perfect reference point for their wall color.

“We both loved it so much that we knew we didn't want to change it,” he adds. “So [our walls] had to play into that color; Wink [worked] into the design and it really cohesively made sense with everything together.” 

The next DIY project the couple plans to tackle in the bathroom? A gallery wall. Jordan says: “Three or four images with beautiful vintage frames in there that will kind of play even more into the historic nod and feel of that space.”

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