The Only Two Paint Finishes You Need

Interior paint, simplified.

Not sure what interior paint finish is right for your space? These are the only two finishes you need t— no matter what room or surface you’re painting.

If you've ever shopped for paint, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by all the options for paint finishes. You’ll find flat, matte, velvet, satin, semi-gloss...and everything in between. It’s enough to leave anyone confused! At Clare, we believe in keeping things simple, so we only offer the very best two paint finishes for interiors: Perfect Eggshell, which is ideal for walls and other interior surfaces, and Subtle Semi-Gloss, the best finish for trims, doors, mouldings and other high-touch surfaces.

To make things even simpler, we refer to these as our Wall Paint and Trim Paint, and they’re the only two paint finishes you ever really need to achieve maximum beauty and functionality — no matter what room or surface you’re painting.

The best paint finish for walls

Eggshell is always an interior designer’s preferred paint finish, which is why our founder, Nicole, an interior designer, chose this as our ultimate finish for walls.

The best paint finish for walls is eggshell paint

The name eggshell stems from the fact the finish appears mostly flat with just a touch of luster...similar to a chicken egg! Our Perfect Eggshell Wall Paint offers beautifully rich color with a soft, barely-there sheen, and enough durability so that it cleans up with ease and resists dirt and grime. Plus, it’s mildew-resistant, making it suitable even for high-moisture areas like bathrooms.

Where to use it? Eggshell is the perfect all-purpose paint finish that works well in any room in your home! And even though we call it Wall Paint, it's suitable for any surface where you want a pristine look with a soft sheen.

Designer Tip: To create depth and visual interest, Nicole always recommends against painting everything in one finish. A semi-gloss trim offers a beautiful counterpoint to eggshell walls. The result: A layered look that’s full of dimension, and totally interior designer-approved.

The best paint finish for trim

Because your bicycle tires, stroller wheels and makeup-streaked hands are bound to make contact with them time and time again, trims, such as baseboards, mouldings, window frames and even doors and cabinets require a more durable paint finish. Semi-gloss is a great choice for these areas. A semi-gloss paint finish will read "shinier" than an eggshell. The shinier finish gives it more durability - making it even easier to clean with a harder dried film that is tougher and can take more wear and tear, but there's a downside. The more reflective the finish, the more imperfections it will show. So if you're painting over imperfect walls that have cracks, divots or uneven patches, the higher sheen will reflect more light, highlighting all those imperfections and making them stand out.

The best paint finish for walls is semigloss. This is semi-gloss paint from ClareWithout getting too technical, not all paint finishes are created equal. There’s a standard sheen level range for paint finishes, and a traditional semi-gloss paint can range between 35-70% on this spectrum. Clare’s Trim Paint is in the 40-50% range, offering a more subtle sheen, which is why we call ours Subtle Semi-Gloss.Our Trim Paint offers a radiant sheen in a remarkably durable finish perfect for trims and other high-touch surfaces. It stands up to the toughest wear and tear, including stains, smudges and fingerprints, while resisting dirt, grime and mildew

Ceiling Paint

Ceilings can be an afterthought when it comes to painting a room, but if you're painting an entire room, they should be the first surface you tackle and can quickly transform the ambience of a space. A flat white is always the best paint finish for ceilings, as the non-reflective finish reduces glare from artificial lights overhead and the clean white helps reflect natural light around the room, making it feel brighter and more open.Our Ceiling Paint offers the perfect flat white finish for ceilings, delivers even coverage with minimal splatter and high hiding power to conceal surface imperfections and get the job done in fewer coats.

What paint finish should I choose?

Ultimately, your choice of finish is a personal preference. If you love the richer, less reflective look, opt for an eggshell paint finish. And conversely, if you love the look of a finish that's full of luster, opt for the shinier, semi-gloss paint finish.

Not sure what interior paint finish is right for your space? These are the only two finishes you need t— no matter what room or surface you’re painting.


If you're unsure of which look you prefer, these designer-approved guidelines will steer you in the right direction. - Eggshell finish: You really can't go wrong with our Perfect Eggshell finish. It's great for those everyday spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms or kitchens. An eggshell finish will be more forgiving when it comes to imperfections on your walls, and is durable and easy to clean. Semi-gloss finish: This is the best finish for your trims such as baseboards, mouldings and even cabinets and doors. It's also a good choice for highly trafficked area that gets lots of wear and tear such as a mudroom. A semi-gloss finish will offer maximum durability, will be more stain and scuff resistant, plus, it's a breeze to clean.

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