7 Bedroom Paint Colors to Suit Any Space

Options for everything from a cozy cocoon to an airy retreat.

Need new bedroom paint color ideas? We have just the right options.

Whether you’re looking to create a soothing sanctuary to unwind each night or a brighter space to help you greet the day, the bedroom paint colors you choose can make *all* the difference. We’ve rounded up hues to match any kind of mood–which will you choose?

For a Moody Vibe: Field Trip

 Field Trip, a deep forest green, is one of our favorite bedroom paint colors.

Designed by @mrorlandosoria

Sexy and saturated, Field Trip is a complex, deep green that reads fresh and exciting in the daylight, and warmer and more comforting in the evening.

For a Soothing Feel: Headspace

Bedroom paint colors like Headspace, an airy blue-green, help promote peace and relaxation.

Designed by @grayoakstudio

Soft, airy and just the right mix of blue and green, the universally popular Headspace will have you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud as you drift off to sleep each night. 

For a Neutral Moment: Classic

 When it comes to neutral bedroom paint colors, Classic is an essential.

Designed by @jesskleinstudio

It’s called Classic for a reason–this light beige will never go out of style. It’s the perfect canvas for all kinds of decor, like this vintage-inspired space with plenty of tactile textiles.

For a Cozy Cocoon: Coffee Date

Coffee Date is perhaps the coziest option out of all the bedroom paint colors. 

Designed by @rustandtrust

Rich and bold like your go-to dark roast, Coffee Date will make every day feel easy like Sunday morning. Who wouldn’t want to hit snooze while cozied up in this space? 

For a Spa-Like Retreat: Dirty Martini

 Soothing greens, like Dirty Martini, make great bedroom paint colors.

Designed by @hemaapersad 

It’s no wonder green paint colors have a soothing effect–they remind us of spending time in the great outdoors. Bring the outside in with Dirty Martini, a relaxing, cloudy green. 

For a Sense of Calm: Blue Ivy

 Bedroom paint colors like Blue Ivy bring a sense of calm to the space.

Designed by @ninabarniehblair 

Blue Ivy, a true medium blue, is a tranquil option for the bedroom, while still feeling cool and unexpected. Try pairing it with contrasting tones in your decor choices to strike just the right balance.

For a Warm, Inviting Look: Like Buttah

 Neutrals, such as this this warm beige, Like Buttah, are great options for bedroom paint colors.

Designed by @jessoliverbaggett

If you’re looking to maximize natural light, go for Like Buttah, the perfect warm, buttery beige. It also plays well with all kinds of shades, so you can switch up your decor as you please.

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