This airy Brooklyn abode is a lesson in family-friendly design

Mid-century modern perfection.

Family Friendly Home Design

Brooklyn based interior designer Alicia Hassen and her design firm Brooklinteriors specialize in turning a blank box space into a unique and welcoming home that reflects the personality and spirit of its owners. Recently, Hassen worked with a young family in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to transform the living and dining area of their newly purchased home and make it their own. Her task? Create a space that’s both stylish and kid-friendly. “When looking at the space, the couple really wanted their little kids to feel at home but they also wanted to invest in new pieces so they could be proud of their home and feel comfortable entertaining guests,” says Hassen.

Family Friendly DesignOn finding the right color

“My clients loved the curated selection of paint options. There’s enough color to feel like they’ve got choices without overloading them when you’re looking over options. When there’s too many choices your brain just stops registering. I love how Clare eliminates the less versatile colors!”


Family Friendly Design“The clients love the peel and stick swatch, there’s no wet paint and swatch is large enough to get a real idea of the color. It makes the process so much easier and quicker. People’s schedules are so busy so it cuts out the clean up time and they don’t need extra materials to make sure that they’re confident in their paint choice.”


Family Friendly DesignOn selecting the right complimentary colors

Chill was a great color to transform the space, we wanted to brighten it and cool it down with the blue undertones. It was night and day compared to the original color. In the dining space we used Grayish. The two rooms are shared, so the two colors flowed nicely together. What I liked about Grayish was that it has a green undertone. So with the addition of the second color we had another color that felt warmer while still keeping that cool, bright, open feeling.”


Family Friendly DesignOn why Clare was the best choice

“The paint was gorgeous and practical thanks to the affordable price point. They were happy to be buying from Clare because supporting a small, woman owned business was an additional selling point for them.”


Family Friendly Interior On durability

“A lot of people paint their homes before they have new pieces delivered and installed which can be really rough on the paint job. Things get dinged as pieces and boxes are moved around. I personally tested the durability of the paint and was happy that the marks from the install came right off. It bodes really well for a house with two little kids!”


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