5 Shades of gray paint that will totally transform your space!

Not your average shades of gray.

Searching for the perfect shade of gray? These popular gray paint colors will totally transform your your space!

The sweet spot between black and white, shades of gray paint offer approachable drama in any room. Not as bright as a true white and not as dramatic as a navy or deep black, gray walls are endlessly versatile and a good middle ground. Plus, it still plays nicely with a variety of other colors, making it easy to make decor changes over the years without repainting. Depending on the hue you choose, it can help brighten a space or can temper an already bright, sun-filled room. Here are a few of our favorite shades of gray for walls and some best practice tips on how to use them:

Seize the Gray by Clare - the best neutral gray paint color with no undertones!


The best neutral gray paint color

Seize the Gray: Shown above, is our truest, most perfect gray paint color with no undertones, making it the perfect neutral base. That means it works well with both warm and cool shades, giving you versatility that will outlast your latest comforter and throw pillows. Here, the gray bedroom walls let the dark bed frame pop, while still providing a visually interesting background for softer colors like muted pinks and whites.

The best light gray paint colors

Penthouse: This light gray paint for bedrooms is more of a “greige” that toes the line between warm and cool, letting it work in a variety of spaces. If you’re looking to use a gray as a neutral, steer clear of paints with strong purple or pink undertones. They can throw off the rest of the colors in the room because they make too much of a statement. A pale greige, this shade is a true neutral that doesn’t feel cold. It would look beautiful paired with other neutral hues or can create a subtle backdrop for bolder pops of color.

Grayish is a paint color with deeper green undertones and works wonders in a room with an abundance of neutrals. It's a beautiful light gray paint!


Grayish: Kicking it up a notch from Chill, this shade definitely has deeper green undertones but it works wonders in a room with an abundance of neutral colors and lots of textures. It lends a depth to walls that a lighter gray couldn’t achieve.

Chill: If you’re looking for an exceptionally calming gray paint for walls, try Chill. Pay attention to the green undertones in this hue. The softest hint of gray and green, the color feels calming. Cool grays look nice with other colors in the same temperature range, so pair it with darker shades of greenblues, and deeper, cool grays.

Irony - the Best Dark Gray Paint Color by Clare looks great in any room - especially this bathroom on the shiplap trim!


The best dark gray paint color for your home

Irony: If you’ve got the natural light don’t be afraid to go dark. This is the darkest gray in our paint collection. If your home decor tends to be on the colorful side, this hue provides a rich, neutral base that allows them to stand out. Before painting, test with a swatch and see how the color changes between day and night to make sure you love your color!


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