This pink and green work space featuring Dirty Martini by Clare is brimming with clever ideas for office decor. At only 70 square feet, it proves small offices can pack a punch.

5 Ideas For Office Decor to Create Your Dream WFH Space

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In addition to baking banana bread and drinking whipped dalgona coffee, home office makeovers are a cherished quarantine pastime. Just ask lifestyle blogger Kachet Jackson-Henderson of The Kachet Life, who recently turned an awkward flex space in her Dallas townhouse into her dream office and content creation studio.

“I loved having a quarantine project; it gave me something to look forward to,” she told Clare. “Putting your energy into creating a dedicated workspace is definitely not wasted time, especially right now. Everyone needs a good work-from-home area; it can increase productivity.”


Have a small space? This blogger has tons of personality-packed ideas for office decor. See the tiny flex room in her Dallas townhouse here.

Before it was an office, this deceivingly small room was a doorless flex space right off the stairs.


A light olive green paint and pink scenic wallpaper create the perfect balance in this 70 sq foot home office. The light green paint color is Dirty Martini by Clare.
Dirty Martini - a light olive green paint color by Clare
Dirty Martini

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Using our light olive green paint color, Dirty Martini, an eye-catching palm wallpaper and functional-yet-stylish furniture, Kachet managed to transform the 70-square-foot space into an ultra-stylish workspace. Ahead, find her budget-friendly ideas for office decor and the small-space design tip she swears by.

Here are two clever ideas for office decor: pair wallpaper and paint. The green paint color here is Dirty Martini by Clare.

Start With a Mood Board

Like many designers before her, Kachet kicked off the design process with a Pinterest mood board. “I came up with an aesthetic that I’d describe as California-meets-Texas, without the patriotism,” she explains. “I’m from Sacramento, which is known as the ‘City of Trees,’ and the area of Texas that we live in is very lush. That’s where the color green came in for me.”

Looking for the perfect pastel paint color for your home office? Try Clare's peel and stick paint swatches, pictured here in Dirty Martini, Headspace, and Pop.

She actually ended up using the exact scenic pink and green wallpaper from her mood board in the finished space. “I knew I wanted palms, and as soon as I saw the wallpaper swatch, I was like, that’s the one!” she explains. Then it was time to find the perfect complementary paint color. “I was considering Pop and Headspace for the walls, but Dirty Martini ended up being the winner.”

Dirty Martini - a light olive green paint color by Clare

Dirty Martini

For those who like it shaken or stirred. This cloudy olive green classic makes a sophisticated statement in any room.

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This is how to pair wallpaper and paint in an office space. The pink and green wallpaper is complemented by Clare's Dirty Martini paint color.

Design For the Atmosphere You Want

Kachet also considered her ideal atmosphere when designing her office. “I wanted my office to be a place that I look forward to coming to everyday, and maybe one that’s a little difficult to leave,” she explains. “I’ve been a solo entrepreneur for five years, and know that I need a clean, inviting workspace to stay motivated.” With that in mind, she added a cozy pink armchair, vibrant greenery and plenty of eye-catching artwork.

This small office space is a lesson in personalized, stylish decor. The green paint color is Dirty Martini by Clare.

Choose Aesthetically-Pleasing Storage

Having dedicated space for all of her office essentials was also important. “Storage was definitely a priority. I’m more productive if I have everything I need in one place — my photography equipment, props, office supplies, notebooks, headphones, etcetera,” she explains. She ultimately went with a sleek white storage cabinet, wicker baskets and a beverage cart by her desk. “I love being able to go from coffee to wine without leaving my office,” she adds.

Trying to infuse your home office with comfortable, cozy vibes? Add a chair and pack the room with accents. The light olive green wall paint color is Dirty Martini by Clare.
Dirty Martini - a light olive green paint color by Clare
Dirty Martini

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Create a Layout & Measure Everything

When working with a small space, it’s important to plan your layout down to the quarter-inch. “Before buying anything, I drew out different configurations on a piece of printer paper to make sure everything would fit,” she explains. “I also used painter’s tape to measure out the furniture I was considering purchasing, so I could really see what I was working with.”

When building your dream home office, the right accent and decor pieces are key. Here, a gold magazine holder is complemented by Clare's Dirty Martini paint color.

Budget-Friendly Ideas For Office-Decor: Repurpose Old Pieces

While Kachet planned to shop for furniture in-person and hit up some antique stores to save money, the pandemic had other plans. “The biggest challenge was figuring out a shopping plan after COVID-19 hit,” she explains. “Fortunately, I was able to repurpose a lot of old stuff from California and kind of shop around my house. The artwork and frames came from storage or other rooms in my townhouse.”

This blogger turned an awkward flex space into her dream office using paint, wallpaper, and tons of brilliant ideas for office decor. The green paint color is Dirty Martini by Clare.

Kachet Jackson-Henderson, the talented blogger behind this stylish home office space.

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