Three Bedroom Paint Colors For A Stylish Decor Update

These relaxing hues will lull you to sleep.

Three Bedroom Paint Colors For A Stylish Decor Update

In need of a bedroom refresh? Our recent survey revealed bedrooms as the #1 space our customers are planning to paint, so we’re here to help with three bedroom paint color ideas that are sure to bring serious style into your space. At Clare, we're big advocates of choosing a paint color based on how you want to feel when you walk through the door, and there's no space where that principle carries more weight than in the bedroom. After all, it's the space where we retreat to at the end of a long day, where we spend a third of our lives sleeping and where we wake each morning, ready to seize the day. 

With that in mind, we teamed up with our friends at The Inside - an ultra-cool furniture brand with a fashion forward edge, to design one bedroom, three ways. Each space pairs one of our best-selling paint colors with one of the Inside's most popular bed frames. Whether you want your space to feel moody, serene or sophisticated, our Founder Nicole Gibbons, who is also a noted interior designer, shares her expert design advice on how these three colors will set the tone for a beautiful bedroom you’ll never want to leave.


Bedroom Paint Color InspirationHeadspace

The top three adjectives people use when describing how they want their bedroom to feel is “calm,” “relaxing” and “tranquil”. According to Nicole, “Our paint color, Headspace is the perfect color to help you create that serene vibe”. This soft and airy blue-green hue brings a sense of calm to any space and looks dreamy paired with soft neutrals and a mix of patterns like The Inside’s ivory check bed and blue cabana striped chairs.

Bedroom Paint Color Inspiration
Current Mood

While the idea of a dark color in the bedroom may sound intimidating, a rich, alluring shade like Current Mood is perfect if you’re the type that loves to keep the light out and prefers your space to feel like a warm, cozy cocoon. This deep hue will absorb more of the light in your space making it feel pleasantly dark and dramatic. “If your space receives lots of natural light, this color will read with more intensity in the daylight while taking on a moodier tone once the sun goes down,”. For even more drama, pair this bold color with a statement pattern like the edgy fawn printed fabric and mix in some monochrome neutrals for balance.


Bedroom Paint Color InspirationPenthouse

If you’re looking to achieve a tranquil bedroom vibe that’s void of color, opt for an airy, sophisticated neutral like Penthouse. “Penthouse is a great alternative to white which can sometimes feel stark in a bedroom,” Nicole says. “It’s also our best-selling neutral that offers the perfect balance of warm and cool, making it a great choice for any space”. Penthouse reflects light beautifully to keep your bedroom feeling bright, and is a beautiful neutral backdrop for an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories. Here a navy Shibori patterned bed and tuxedo chairs add personality and character to the space.


Bedroom Paint Color Inspiration

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