This Patterned Guest Room Is Bursting With Pink Decor Ideas

Designer Bari Palles-Ackerman shares her secrets.  

Pink Decor | Rosè Season by Clare Paint

When you hear the words “pink bedroom,” you might picture a sweet child’s space complete with a dollhouse, but pink is more versatile than you’d think. Designer and artist Bari Palles-Ackerman is a master of the shade, and she rarely sticks to the design rulebook—as evidenced by her elevated guest room, painted in Rosè Season

“I just love pink in general, regardless of the space I'm designing,” she shares. “I wanted people to feel excited to visit and stay in this guest room.” In keeping with her signature aesthetic, Bari knew that romantic florals, artwork, and pattern play would get the job done. “I love how it feels playful, but still polished.” Ahead, she shares unexpected pink decor ideas and breaks down the art of tasteful pattern play.


Before: Pink bedroom makeover


Pink Decor | Rosè Season by Clare Paint

Choose a paint color to match the mood 

Bari knew she wanted this space to feel cozy, fun, and inviting. Rosè Season was just the ticket. “It’s the perfect warm-toned pink paint color,” she shares. “It matched the exact mood I was after and set the stage for the entire design.” 

Create a solid canvas with monochrome paint

Pink Decor | Rosè Season by Clare Paint

Knowing that she wanted to go all-in on print and pattern in this room, Bari decided to paint the walls, trim, ceiling, and door in the same color. “This really creates a blank canvas and keeps the focus on the artwork and prints,” she explains. “Imagine if the trim, ceilings, and doors were white here—it would add so much visual contrast and noise!” 

Stick to a specific color palette

When mixing prints and patterns, Bari notes that you must have at least one through line. In this case, it’s color. “I stuck with a solid pink, blue, and green palette,” she explains. “A space with this much print and pattern needs a grounding, unifying element!” 

Add contrast with scale and shape

Pink Decor | Rosè Season by Clare Paint

This is where Bari’s skilled pattern play comes in. To create subtle contrast, she varies the scale, shape, and style of each pattern. “For example, the bed frame upholstery, quilt, pillows, and throw blanket all have repeating patterns, while the artwork is singular,” she explains. What’s more, most of the prints are soft and romantic, while the throw and quilt lean geometric. “It’s also important to mix up the scale—the upholstery is a very large, zoomed-out pattern, while the quilt and pillows are much tighter.” 

Finish with a high-contrast statement piece 

Since this entire space was very “granny chic,” as Bari puts it, she knew it needed a bold, modern edge. “I found this 1960s Hershey Kiss-shaped pendant light, and knew it was the perfect accent,” she notes. “It adds a totally different design style and bodes well with the clean silhouette of the bed frame.” 

For more pink decor ideas, follow Bari @barij on Instagram or visit her site.


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