Go Beyond the Beige: Living Room Paint Colors for Every Style

One space, three different paint colors.

Living Room Paint Colors

Show your living room some love! The easiest, least expensive way to change the look and feel of a room is a fresh coat of paint. Since the living room is where, well, you’re living, or at least spending the majority of your time, why not make it representative of your personality. Go bold with one of our nuanced living room paint colors. Don’t worry about versatility — if you choose the right hue you’ll have endless decorating options and a new color can make the furniture and accessories you already have feel refreshed.

To get you feeling inspired, we’ve teamed up with our friends at The Inside, a go-to source for stylish furniture in fabrics you’ll love, to show you a whole range of colors and styles you maybe haven’t considered. Get ready to go bold because we’re about to show you how two simple changes to your living room can make it feel like a whole new space:

Bold & Beautiful

living room paint colors

The secret to why a rich color like Deep Dive works in the living room? Its dazzling depth and green undertones. Shades of green play so well with pretty much any other color. The same goes for the blue-green combination here. Since the walls are a statement, pair it with furniture pieces in a more classic pattern in the same hue, like the ticking stripe shown here on the slipcovered sofa from The Inside.

living room paint colors

The piece feels related to the wall color, but still different enough to add interest. To create a cohesive look when you’re working with a pattern, find some element that relates it to the rest of the room, in this case, shades of blue work to unify the space. Not feeling this shade? Try another statement-worthy living room paint color in our collection like Current Mood, Goodnight Moon, or Blackish.

Modern Romance

living room paint colors

Pink absolutely has a place in your living room, you just need to be sure to choose the right shade. Wing It offers just a hint of barely there color that still helps the room to feel warm and inviting, it’s just a bump up from a neutral.

living room paint colors

Here, the fawn patterned fabric on The Inside’s cocktail ottoman feels whimsical and fun; it’s abstract enough that the whole room doesn’t feel overly feminine. Plus, the earthy tones in the pattern help to balance out the living room paint color too. If you’re looking for something that feels like more of a risk, might we suggest a punchier pink like Rosé Season or Pop.

Timeless Appeal

living room paint colors

For a room with staying power you can’t go wrong with blue. Relaxing and classic, a blue living room can be endlessly updated and its look can vary dramatically based on the accent colors you play up. Good Jeans is an especially alluring living room paint color thanks to its gray undertones.

living room paint colors

For a truly timeless look, pair this paint color with a bunch of clean-lined, well-made furniture pieces in neutral solids like khaki, beige, and cream. You can add personality and more color through other accessories like throws, pillows, and plants. Don’t think a print can’t work for the long run either! Here, a classic print like The Inside's Delft Chintz, can be an ideal accent. The blues in the pattern echo the paint color, tying it right into the rest of the room. Some of our other tried-and-true living room paint colors (if you’re not feeling blue) are Timeless, Seize the Gray, and Headspace.

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