Need Ideas for Your Powder Room? This Makeover Has You Covered!

Teeny-space inspo, right this way

Need ideas for your powder room? This before-and-after is full of inspiration.

Clare Collective ambassador and interior designer Hema Persad was at a bit of a loss with her powder room. “When we moved in just after the pandemic hit, it was a tiny white box with a white sink and white toilet,” she tells us. “I put up wall decals to give it some color, but they didn't last long and started peeling off. The whole thing was just sad.”

Once the world started opening back up and guests were coming over more often, Hema decided “just sad” wouldn’t do. It was finally time to put all the ideas for a powder room upgrade she’d been dreaming up into action. 


Before being swathed in Wing It, this powder room's walls were filled with peeling decals.

Hema opted for our sophisticated pale pink, Wing It, along with several stylish design elements to upgrade the space.


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The result? An impossibly chic powder room that guests won’t want to leave. Read on for all the details, plus tips you can take into your own home.

Create a Cohesive Color Scheme

As you gather all your ideas for a powder room refresh, consider the design changes you want to make and how the wall color fits in. Hema found a lovely burgundy marble tile that she knew she wanted to use. “The initial thought was to just go with white walls, but then I noticed some pale pink veining running through the tile,” she says. “I searched for design inspiration and saw so many fun pink, red and burgundy combos.” Finding that small detail in the tile ultimately helped her land on Wing It, our sophisticated pale pink, for the walls.

Search for Standout Pieces

An asymmetrical mirror and oversized light fixture are great ideas for a powder room.

In a small space, every choice you make counts. Take your time to find pieces that really reflect the way you want the room to feel. In Hema’s case, she went with an oversized light and asymmetrical mirror to play around with proportions and add some visual interest, as well as that stunning marble tile. 

Pick Your (Renovation) Battles

As the saying goes–if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Even if you have tons of ideas for your powder room makeover, you don’t always need to change every last detail. “The sink, faucet and hardware all stayed the same,” Hema says, which allowed her to stick to a budget of $1500. The lesson? Keep what’s already working so that you can put more dollars toward the changes that really pull at your heart strings. 

Don’t Let A Small Space Box You In

Need fresh ideas for a powder room makeover? Try painting it in an unexpected color.

It’s common to think that smaller spaces should have simpler designs, but that’s not always the case.  “I think powder rooms are a place to really take risks,” Hema says. “Just go for it with color. Experiment with something special and unusual.” We’re always on board with that idea!

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