7 Ideas for Kitchen Paint Colors to Try in 2021

Give your "heart of the home" a refresh.

ideas for kitchen paint colors

Get inspired! We’ve rounded up some inspiring ideas for kitchen paint that feel both aspirational and attainable all at the same time — which is the perfect line to walk for a DIY. The right paint color can transform an entire room, whether it’s your house or a rental, and these smart tips and easy projects offer a huge design payoff without eating up your entire paycheck. Scroll to discover seven gorgeous kitchens in versatile, bright and eye-catching paint colors.

Ideas for Kitchen Paint Colors

 A bold island upgrade

A white kitchen is classic, but a paint color underneath the island, like Blackish, makes a bold statement that’s easy to change when the mood strikes. Blackish is less intense than a bold black and provides the perfect amount of contrast against the waterfall style countertop on the island.

kitchen paint colors

Colorful cabinets

Don’t rule out painting a rental; ask your landlord first, but most are willing to let you repaint! Here, a drab, tan-colored kitchen got a much-needed dose of color from our green Trim Paint in Avocado Toast. Bright and energizing, this color completely transformed this tiny kitchen into a cheerful spot — even though nothing else about the space changed…it’s the power of paint!

kitchen paint colors 2021

Embrace unexpected ideas for kitchen paint

Sometimes it’s a bright color that brings out the beauty of the cabinetry. The cool trim on the drawers and cabinets really shines with the addition of our dark teal paint color, Sublime. This vibrant hue allows all of these sweet details to sing, and the addition of new hardware helps these cabinets feel current. Painting both the top and bottom cabinets can bring a whole kitchen to life with color and vibrancy.

kitchen paint colors

Lighten up!

There’s nothing as classic as a kitchen refresh that’s done in a light-colored paint. Refinishing warm-toned wood cabinets with a brighter color makes the entire room feel lighter and cleaner — which is always welcome in a kitchen. Here, Grayish, a light greenish gray, on the walls lends an airy and open quality to the entire room and sets off the new white cabinets nicely.

kitchen paint colors

Create contrast

Forget matching every cabinet in your kitchen. Try this idea for kitchen paint instead. Choosing a darker color cabinet on the bottom and a light and bright color on top helps the kitchen feel more open and airy — even if it’s tiny. The only pure white paint you’ll ever need, Fresh Kicks, has virtually no undertones so it pairs well with just about any other color.

kitchen paint colors

Streamlined storage

Never discount how helpful vertical storage is. Putting a bead board background on a wall lends a subtle texture to the room, while a color like No Filter, a light beige with warm undertones, brightens up the whole space. Modern pegs help hang everything from mugs to an apron to oven mitts right from the wall, so you can easily see and access your essentials.

kitchen paint colors

Made modern

The minimal shape of these cabinets lends beautifully to a black and white color scheme. Painted with Blackest, a deep black that feels edgy and dramatic (especially when paired with a bright white), this kitchen feels chic and modern. A classic combination that will never go out of style, it’s the perfect pair to update an old-fashioned kitchen.

All set on color ideas for kitchen paint? Now, we’ll help you get started! If you’re planning to paint cabinets, read How to Paint Cabinets in 5 Simple & Affordable Steps.



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