7 Simple & Brilliant DIY Room Decor Ideas to Get Your Home Holiday-Ready

Courtesy of our favorite design bloggers.

Simple DIY Room Decor Ideas

When holidays roll around each year, it’s go time to whip your home into shape. While 2020 hasn’t exactly been a banner year for socializing and family gatherings, the holidays is the perfect time to make your home feel refreshed and welcoming.

If you're looking to reinvigorate your space, consider these DIY room decor ideas. Rather than investing in expensive new furniture or festive decor that you’ll stash away in three months, painting trim or the inside of your front door is an affordable, low-lift way to breathe new life into your space. Alternatively, a pop of green with Current Mood or a coat of greige with Classic can go a long way when refreshing any area in your home. Below, find seven DIY room decor ideas you can tackle in a single weekend, courtesy of creative Clare customers.


Easy DIY To Add a Pop of Color to Your Bathroom


Add a pop of color to your bathroom

If your bath could use a little TLC, take notes from this interior blogger and consider a cabinet refresh. She went with a coat of our deep green paint color, Current Mood, on her bathroom vanity, and it instantly livens up the clean, white space.


Easy Kitchen Cabinet DIY


Brighten up your kitchen cabinets

If your kitchen hasn’t seen a new coat of paint in a decade, you’d be surprised how much a refresh can brighten up your space. Just ask this new homeowner, who just painted her kitchen cabinets with a warm coat of On Point. While the hue is similar to the original color, “subtleties matter,” she writes on Instagram. “And now our kitchen cabinets are on point.”


Easy DIY To Make Your Entryway Pop


Make your entryway pop with this DIY room decor idea

While you may be able to get away with a cluttered basement or disorganized office, your entryway should always feel inviting. To add some personality to your foyer, take notes from this inspiring space. It features a coat of bold Blackest on the front door, which adds just the right touch of contrast to the otherwise-neutral room.


Easy DIY To Add a Pop of Color To Your Bathroom


Experiment with color in your bathrooms

Compact bathrooms are a great place to experiment with color and infuse personality into your home. Take interior designer Emily Henderson’s basement guest bathroom, for example. She went with a floor-to-ceiling coat of Good Jeans, and it truly makes the space sing.



Easy DIY to Warm Up Your Living Room


Warm up your living room

If subtlety is more your vibe, ditch the vibrant color and go with a warm neutral. As this home blogger can attest, a coat of a timeless greige, like Classic, can transform your space just as much as a bold black or eye-catching blue.



Easy DIY Hallway Paint Trim


Add dimension to hallways with painted trim

If you’re not ready to tackle kitchen cabinetry or statement walls, painting your trim can add a subtle touch of dimension to your home. Just ask this homeowner, who went with a tonal coat of Beigeing on all the doors and trim in her home.


Easy DIY Bedroom Refresh


Refresh your bedrooms

Give your bedrooms a facelift with a coat of fresh coat of paint. This blogger went with Dirty Chai in her guest room — a nutty light brown that gives the space a quaint, vintage-inspired touch. 

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