3 Tips for Decorating a Little Girl’s Room Straight from a Design Pro

From picking the right palette to choosing functional furniture.

Decorating a little girl's room is easy with these designer-approved tips.

When designer and Clare Collective ambassador Hema Persad was first decorating her little girl’s room, it was before she was born. “It was very neutral,” Hema tells us. “Black, white and tan with a boho vibe to it.” 

Now that her daughter, Shaya, is a toddler, Hema decided it was time to trade her crib for a bed–and redo the whole room while she was at it. “We decided to redecorate the space to reflect what she's excited about, in hopes that we'd entice her to sleep in her new bed by herself,” Hema says.

By choosing a color palette that reflected her daughter’s vibrant personality and making smart design decisions throughout, Hema created the ultimate fun-meets-functional space. Read on for her top kids’ room decor tips.

Pick the right palette

When decorating her little girl's room, designer Hema Persad chose Meet Cute, a rosy pink wall color.

When decorating a little girl’s room, it’s important to find the right balance between colors that your child might want and that fit your own sensibility. Ultimately, Hema landed on Meet Cute, our warm, rosy pink. “Shaya loves pink,” Hema tells us. “And Meet Cute isn’t a babyish pink–it’s very earthy. I'd use it in any space that gets this kind of warm light from the eastern facing window.” 

Choose furniture with future uses

Choose furniture with a long lifespan when decorating a little girl's room--no need to stick to toddler-sized pieces.

Even if you’re designing for a baby or a toddler, you don’t necessarily need to choose kid-sized furniture, according to Hema. “I actually think toddler furniture is a complete waste, since they go through this phase so quickly. It's better to buy a proper sized bed that they can grow into,” she explains. Hema opted for a daybed that she can also use outdoors eventually, if Shaya wants something different down the line.

Decorating a little girl’s room with personal touches

Personal touches make decorating a little girl's room feel special and welcoming.

Take design cues from your child’s personality to create a space that truly feels like home. Hema made sure to celebrate Shaya by displaying art she’s created, and making her favorite books and toys easily accessible in baskets and on shelves. “She’s talkative, girly, funny–she charms everyone she meets.” Hema says. “She’s very dramatic, so I knew the room had to be dramatic, too.” 

Decorating a little girl's room with fun-meets-functional pieces ensures she'll love growing up in the space.

To reflect her daughter’s exuberant personality, Hema carried the paint color from the baseboards all the way to the ceiling, giving the space an inviting, immersive vibe. “I want her to feel like the room is giving her a big hug every time she enters it,” Hema says. Now that sounds like the ultimate goal.

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