Tour This Cozy Cottagecore Bedroom and Pick Up Tips for Your Space

Like living in the English countryside.

Clare's Dirty Martini paint color is perfect for a cottagecore bedroom.

It’s easy to see why the cottagecore trend has taken off (and stayed relevant). The aesthetic centers around living a simpler, rural-inspired life that’s more in touch with nature. Think: earthy colors, cozy textures, nostalgic pattern-mixing, warm wood tones. Sounds pretty dreamy, huh?  

Designer Gretchen Rose of Kentucky Rose Designs certainly thinks so. She landed on this cottagecore bedroom style because she wanted to “make the space a cozy retreat, like you escaped to a cottage in the English countryside.”

See how she achieved her vision with simple tips you can easily recreate in your own space.

Opt For Soft, Soothing Colors

Recreate this cottagecore bedroom with a soft green paint color, like Clare's Dirty Martini.

First things first: Find just the right calming hue. “I really wanted a soft green tone,” Gretchen tells us. “Nothing too cool or too warm, and a green that would compliment the rich dark wood tone of the bed.” The perfect pick? Dirty Martini, a cloudy olive green. Gretchen swathed her bedroom walls with it, and also carried it into the trim in the en suite bathroom.

Mix Contemporary and Vintage in Your Cottagecore Bedroom

This cottagecore bedroom pairs a soft green on the walls (Dirty Martini from Clare) with warm wood tones.

“I would describe my aesthetic as classic with an eclectic twist,” Gretchen says. To bring that vibe to life, she incorporates antiques and vintage pieces in all of her designs. “I believe in bringing character to a newly-created space, and balancing the old and the new,” she tells us. Striking that balance is essential to nailing the cottagecore thing without making your space feel like the set of a period drama.

Lived-In Layers Are Key

This cottagecore bedroom has cozy accents and a soft wall color to tie them together. Pictured here: Dirty Martini from Clare.

To up the cozy vibes, layer up textiles wherever you can. For example, Gretchen elevated the wall-to-wall carpeting by popping a beautiful antique rug on top. She also created a cozy bedding set-up by piling on the pillows and blankets. Bonus: don’t be afraid to mix prints! “I layered in a few classic patterns, like stripes and toile,” Gretchen tells us. The result? A lovely, inviting space that nods to the English countryside inspiration while still feeling fresh.

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