The Perfect Blue Paint Color Completely Transformed This Living Room!

Tour this vibrant blue living space.

The Perfect Blue Paint Color Completely Transformed This Living Room!

Here at Clare you know we’re focused on fewer, better paint colors. So on the rare occasion we decide to add a new paint hue to the roster, we love to get feedback from customers. We crowdsourced potential names and narrowed the finalists down in a playoff-style bracket. Meet one of our two new shades: Blue’d Up, a statement making purple-ish blue that feels rich and refined. Sandy of Ellee Home, a self-confessed Clare paint fanatic, recently used this stunning shade in her home and the result—a vibrant blue living room with furniture and accessories that really shine.

BEFOREPerfect Blue Paint

AFTERPerfect Blue Paint Inspiration

“I was really excited to try this new color! I always gravitate towards blue and I have a lot of blue in my home already, so there were many places where it could fit,” says Sandy. “Our initial idea was to repaint our powder room, but instead I put some paint on a stir stick and walked around the house trying to figure out where it would work best. When I got to the living room (which was painted a dark gray) my husband and I realized it was too perfect and we immediately agreed that this was the right room for this color—which never happens.”


Blue Paint Living Room TransformationThe color switch was painless; the new blue paint covered quickly and easily. Here’s the really fun part about this makeover: aside from the blue living room walls, nothing changed except for the art above the couch—a testament to the transformative power of the right paint color! The space feels completely different now. “I think what really drew me to this blue is that it had almost a denim feel to it,” says Sandy. “When decorating a room, it’s like putting together an outfit and Blue’d Up is like the perfect pair of blue jeans that go with everything. Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? They’re so easy to wear!” 

The new shade picked up the blue in the throw pillows and made the modern gray couch and tufted gray accent chair really stand out. It also enhanced the wood tones in the frames on the gallery wall and the coffee table. “It’s the perfect bold neutral and it works so well with all of the existing colors in the space. It gives me so much versatility moving forward,” explains Sandy.


Perfect Blue Paint Living Room TransformationAnother fun detail? Like any paint, it changes with the light and time of day, but Blue’d Up does something really fun. In the morning it feels fresh, bright, and upbeat, but at night it’s just dark enough to feel moody and cozy. Where are you going to use this new color?!

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